Five top-ten finishes, four top-three finishes and three first-place finishes: Georgetown University’s women’s golf team has dominated in their five tournaments of this incredible fall season.

The program has never won three tournaments in a season before. With the team’s comeback victory Monday and Tuesday at the USF Intercollegiate at TPC Tampa Bay, it has now accomplished the feat in just half a season.

“They tasted success last year with the same group that’s here now, and they’re motivated internally from that success,” first-year Head Coach Kate Schanuel said. “They know how it feels, and they want that feeling again and again.”

The team lost no players from last season while gaining three freshmen. As a result, senior leadership has played a vital role in the team’s outstanding success this fall, especially since Schanuel has had to split time between coaching the team and caring for her newborn baby.

Seniors Jacquelyn Eleey, Lauren Gros and Christine Schmitt have emerged as capable leaders.

“It’s the same group of girls, plus three awesome freshmen who just came in. Last year we had a really strong spring. We won Big East and went to Regionals, and that was the first time in program history that we’ve done that,” Eleey said.

Although the Hoyas have much to celebrate this fall, their record-breaking season is far from over.

“My job going forward, and what my job has been, is to implement some structure practice-wise and hone in on each individual’s game,” Schanuel said. “We started to do it a little bit last spring, but we’re going to continue to really maximize each individual’s game, because everybody is different.”

The Hoyas have lofty expectations for the spring, known as their “championship season,” which culminates in the Big East tournament. If the team succeeds in the Big East, like it did last season, it will go on to Regionals.

“We’re looking at Big East. Every tournament we have leading up to Big East is a practice for that tournament, and being able to repeat last year is obviously the goal,” Schanuel said. “Last year was last year, and it’s already in the record books. The four tournaments we have leading up to Big East are practice, and our end goal is to make NCAAs like last year.”

On the backs of an impressive head coach and a reliable senior trio, the Georgetown women’s golf team has recorded their most successful fall season in the history of the program. Competitive play will resume in the spring, where the Hoyas will look to put a dent into an already record-breaking season and make another run at Regionals.

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