Interested in women, gender, and social justice issues? (Read: Interested in bashing conservatives?) Seeking a place that is supportive of women’s concerns, perspectives and ideas? (Read: Seeking a place that bolsters liberal lies and classifies women as unthinking victims?) Hoping to get involved in helping students, staff and faculty to access services and fight discrimination? (Read: Hoping to get recruited to help radical professors disseminate left-wing propaganda?) If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you will want to visit the Women’s Center. Certain close-minded women trapped in the ivory tower have gotten their hands around funds to create a center intolerant of conservative women. Consider their mission statement, posted on the Georgetown Women’s Center web site: “The main purpose of the Women’s Center is to fight sexual discrimination, to empower women, to include and provide services to women of all colors, roles, backgrounds, cultures and orientations, and to focus on women’s health concerns. The Center works toward achieving these goals by advocating social justice, actively seeking the ending of oppression, and supporting women’s individual growth and development.” Notice that they do not seek to “provide services to women” of all political perspectives or philosophies. Furthermore, the idea that women are oppressed at merit-focused Georgetown is clearly a premise of the radical left. By including such a statement in laying out their goals, they are the ones oppressing another point of view. Their words ooze with hypocrisy! The women at the Women’s Center are not interested in helping you develop your mind or your ambitions. Volunteers are busy little bees who run around campus like mommy’s little helpers distributing brainwashing publicity to reinforce how Georgetown women are victims of the patriarchy. What these women fail to understand is that they are part of the problem. By disseminating clearly false propaganda – figures such as one in four women in college are the victims of sexual assault, 150,000 women die of anorexia each year and women receive unequal pay for equal work – they initiate a self-fulfilling cycle where women who believe they are victims underperform and act like victims. We put out a challenge to the Women’s Center to develop a bit of self-respect. Get rid of the new age totem art on your web page that portrays women as fertility goddesses. Learn what intellectual tolerance and free speech are all about. And realize that women are not victims. The Glass Menagerie appears Tuesdays in The Hoya.

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