After serving as the assistant coach for five seasons, Keith Brown was named head coach of Georgetown’s women’s basketball team in May 2012. Former head coach Terry Williams-Flournoy hired Brown in 2007 as top assistant and head of recruiting.

When Brown was named to the top coaching position four years later, his wife, SanJuan Brown, vouched for his professionalism to The Washington Times.

“He’s very kid-friendly,” she said. “When you’re sending girls away [to college], you want to be sure that you’re sending them to somebody who’s going to be like their surrogate family, and he’s very good at that.”

During his time on the Hilltop, Brown has helped the team to three NCAA tournament appearances, but in his first season as head coach, Brown led the team to a mediocre 15-16 campaign, including a 5-11 showing in Big East play.

Prior to coming to Georgetown, Brown coached AAU basketball for 11 years and was a middle school teacher in Prince George’s County. He and his wife have eight children and two grandchildren.

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