EUGENE ANG/THE HOYA Water purification stations will be in Darnall Hall, Harbin Hall and New South.
Water purification stations will be in Darnall Hall, Harbin Hall and New South.

The Office of Sustainability and the Freshmen Sustainability Council have worked to introduce 10 water refilling stations next semester.

The Freshmen Sustainability Council, an arm of the Georgetown University Student Association Freshmen Outreach Program, focused on water refilling stations to freshmen dorm lobbies. Darnall, Harbin and New South Halls will each receive a station, but Village C West will not, due to the building’s outdated piping and tendency to flood.

“That was a surefire thing. I know personally, that I would appreciate being able to make a stop on the way to Yates or before going to class,” Freshmen Sustainability Council Chair Olivia Hinerfeld (SFS ’17) said.

The council will make formal recommendations on possible locations for additional water refilling station sites including Car Barn, Walsh and White-Gravenor. The new Healey Family Student Center will also include at least 10 planned hydration systems.

“The rest, which are going around campus, are going to be basically where we think they’re going to get the most use, the most foot traffic, just any way possible to give as many people the opportunity to reuse a water bottle,” council member Willie Landi (COL ’17) said. “We just want to make sure everybody knows they’re available because I think it’s really important that people are aware of resources they have.”

Landi added that the council is considering using QR codes and an online map to advertise the new stations.

Putting the water refilling stations in place has been a collaborative effort between the Office of Sustainability and the Freshmen Sustainability Council. The successful partnership has been a byproduct of the Sustainability Council’s desire to be as communicative as possible with other groups on campus.

“We approached the Office of Sustainability, and they said, ‘Yes, we’re totally on board. We already have this budgeted. We just haven’t put in it into motion, so can you help us put this into motion?’”Hinerfeld said.

“I think just going into the year with that kind of mindset of working as more of a coalition has made the whole process…quite streamlined,” Hinerfeld said.

The water refilling station project marks an ongoing effort between staff and students to create a more sustainable campus.

“This effort is part of an ongoing ‘Think Global, Drink Local’ initiative spearheaded by the Office of Sustainability and our partners across campus to help reduce waste from disposable bottled water by providing convenient access to filtered tap water,” Office of Sustainability Director Audrey Stewart wrote in an email.

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