Georgetown University has appointed Laura Cutway as the university’s first full-time Title IX coordinator, according to a campus-wide email sent Wednesday afternoon.

Cutway will be responsible for enforcing Georgetown’s sexual misconduct policy, investigating sexual misconduct and leading the school’s sexual misconduct education efforts. Cutway started her role Jan. 11.

The appointment follows increased campus dialogue about sexual assault and the agreement between the Georgetown University Student Association and the university in September to improve the campus climate toward sexual assault. One of the points of the agreement was to expedite the hiring of a full-time Title IX coordinator.

According to the email, Cutway’s appointment now makes Georgetown one of a small group of universities to have a dedicated, full-time Title IX coordinator.

Cutway replaces Vice President of Institutional Diversity and Equity Rosemary Kilkenny, who was Title IX coordinator in addition to her other duties. Kilkenny will continue in her role as vice president of institutional diversity and equity.

Cutway was previously the sexual assault and relationship violence liaison in health education services at the Georgetown University Law Center, where she was charged with confidentially assisting survivors of sexual assault and raising awareness about sexual assault. Before that, Cutway served as director of the Office of Disability Services at the Law Center, and the learning disability coordinator at the Catholic University of America.

Cutway earned a Master of Science in counseling and human relations from Villanova University.

In the email announcing the appointment, Kilkenny wrote that the appointment will help advance the university’s goals to develop a safer campus climate.

“Laura’s appointment as Title IX Coordinator represents a significant development as we enhance the University’s efforts to foster a safe and nondiscriminatory climate for all members of our community,” Kilkenny wrote.

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