With finals over and our Laufits no longer socially acceptable to wear in public, it’s time to update our summer wardrobe with this season’s fashions that we all ogled over on Pinterest instead of studying for exams or writing papers. Because a few months of warm weather and no school-related responsibilities are here, we can officially break out our brightly colored shorts and tees as well as our floral sundresses. But with every new season comes new styles, so reward yourself for another year on the Hilltop with the trends of summer 2013.

For the ladies, the color this season is teal or sea foam. Teal has been making a presence everywhere — on jeans, capris, bracelets and skirts — so don’t be afraid to be daring in changing where color pops up in your outfit. Dress it up with chunky jewelry and ballet flats, or keep it casual with a chambray shirt-jacket and Sperrys. (Toms are a perfect alternative.)
Tunics are making a reappearance this summer. The garment is simple and perfect for any event, and it comes in enough different cuts and colors so your personality can still give your outfit your personal flare. Wear the pastel, fitted ones over a pencil skirt for work and fancy occasions, and put on the boldly patterned, looser ones over capris, jeans or light leggings.

Finally, keep an eye out for high-waisted and Bermuda shorts. The former have been scene-stealers during the summer season recently, and Bermuda short are making their comeback for good reason: Both of these styles are flattering and will help you look your best while enjoying the warm weather. Avoid the patterned variety; instead opt for a vibrant, solid color. Recommendations would be royal blue for the high-waisted shorts and hot pink for the Bermuda. Pair them with a light blouse or white Oxford, wear a belt and know that you’ll be more than ready for the day.

For the gentlemen, the runway has been promising a lot of stripes this season. Wear a T-shirt with thin, colored stripes and a pair of Nantucket reds for a comfortable, casual look. But when it comes time for that internship or job, select a diagonal striped tie — bowties are totally acceptable — over a crisp blue or white shirt and pair of khaki pants. And as cool as new striped suits look, we don’t live in the 1960s. That look only works for Don Draper.

Don’t be afraid to go bold with some fluorescent colors this season. J. Crew and H&M are showing lots of bright oranges and yellows, as well as some light blues and greens. I wouldn’t take these hues to the office, but a neon tee or V-neck might be a good piece for the beach or family vacation. Pair with jeans or dark shorts for the best look.

Finally, look for linen shirts. Linen is the perfect material for men because it’s light and breezy. The only downsides are that you can’t throw it in the wash because it’ll wrinkle, necessitating dry-cleaning — although the extra effort is negated by the comfort and style. It’s great for both work and play. Wear it under a solid cotton sweater and over khaki pants at the office, but when you’re keeping it casual, just roll up the sleeves and pair with Bermuda shorts.

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