The arrival of March and impending start of spring break normally suggests that a changing of the seasons is in the air.

However, fickle Mother Nature does not seem to agree. Yesterday’s snow day, in spite of the warm welcome with which it was met by students, highlights an important issue: The weather is still poor and often dangerous, and we need to account for that fact.

Icy sidewalks have been an impediment to normal campus life for weeks and have transformed normal activities — like walking to class — into perilous treks, often jeopardizing student’s personal safety.

This becomes especially clear when walking through residential neighborhoods surrounding Georgetown, which fall not under the responsibility of the Office of Facilities, but the residents themselves.

The university has done an admirable job in keeping the pathways on campus clear; however, the sidewalks that surround the campus in adjacent neighborhoods have not received the same sort of treatment, despite the fact that students use them almost as frequently. Ice remains on Prospect Street and much of the residential sidewalks in on 37th and 36th streets, as well as in Burleith.

Those who live in the neighborhood need to adopt the same sort of vigilance in handling this problem as the university and strive to keep the sidewalks clear, both this year and in the future.

Doing so will help tremendously in making the Hilltop a place where all students can feel safe at all times during the year, and help make a long, cold winter like this one a lot more bearable.

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