VIEWPOINT: As Jesuit Presence Fades, Georgetown Recommits to Its Roots

The number of Jesuit professors teaching at Georgetown University has dropped dramatically over the last several decades. Nevertheless, the university is more committed to its Jesuit roots than ever.


VIEWPOINT: Address Accessibility Shortcomings

Georgetown’s commitment to cura personalis should compel it to address the continuing accessibility issues that plague our campus. Yet, these issues have largely gone overlooked.


VIEWPOINT: Combat Curricular Eurocentrism

An examination of Georgetown’s curriculum reveals deeply rooted Eurocentric biases, which must be addressed if the university hopes to be a truly global institution.


LARKIN: Evade Orwellian Echoes

In the era of “fake news” and “alternative facts,” objective truth is fundamental to liberty, argued columnist Tanner Larkin.


SINGH & BEAUSOLEIL: Our Failure to Achieve Intersectionality

Over the summer, columnists Hashwinder Singh and Khendrick Beausoleil argued that intersectionality must be at the heart of activist movements.


SCHENDEN: Leaving a Transcendent Legacy

As 2017 wraps up, reflect on what Fr. Gregory Schenden, S.J., has to say about the true importance of legacy.

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