As the drudgery of midterm season rolls on, the tired looks, caffeine jitters and unbearably crowded library continue to leave an air of misery on campus. To lighten the mood, why can’t our campus news organizations provide us with a little comic relief while still keeping us informed?

The news outlets on campus are self-styled, pre-professional groups that attempt to mimic the organizational and content approach of national publications. While the Hilltop benefits from a wide, high-quality selection of newspapers and periodicals, this traditional focus has allowed its publications and students to take themselves far too seriously.

The few publications that traditionally printed such comical stories have suffered the consequences of crossing the line. The Georgetown Heckler, an online humor circulation active since 2003, came under scrutiny in 2009 for publishing racially insensitive stories; as a result, its production has been radically reduced. Likewise, The Hoya’s 2009 April Fools’ issue was followed by outcry from students on campus who found it offensive, prompting major sanctions to be levied against the publication.

Yet tactfully executed humor can only bring students closer together by broaching topics of seriousness in an unassuming and lighthearted manner. Georgetown needs some outlet for self-mockery. Whether mired in midterm doldrums, job-searching stress or winter blues, students need publications to help them lighten their load and laugh every once in a while.

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