Resolved, a bi-weekly column on Chatter, features viewpoints from members of the Philodemic Society on the topic of this week’s debate. This week, Philodemic debates the changing face of modern feminism and analyzes its implications for the future. Join them this Thursday at 8 p.m. in Healy 208 as they debate “Resolved: The myth of the ‘College Experience’ ruins university education”

Negative: ‘College,’ So-Called
Jeff Naft

Going to college is a person’s last chance to learn and grow before they enter the real world. At college, students have the opportunity to learn valuable knowledge through the education system, which primarily focuses on learning in the classroom. However, much is learned outside the classroom and beyond its confines. This knowledge comes in all shapes and sizes, and through many mediums, specifically the “College Experience.” Read more.

Affirmative: The Definition of Education
David Edgar

“A university education can enjoyably stimulate radical transformation; however, the belief that the four-year on-campus experience will do so in a necessarily exceptional way, though widely held, is false. This myth of “The College Experience” exists on two levels: positively, in that the 4-year on-campus experience accomplishes the aforementioned goals, and normatively, in that it’s accomplishment of these goals makes it good and desirable over other options.” Read more.

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