The Hoya held elections on Saturday to fill various editorial and organizational posts for this fall. The process lasted close to 11 hours as the current staff of The Hoya interviewed and then voted on candidates for each position.

There was no turnover among the paper’s top three editors. Eamon O’Connor (COL ’12) and Kathryn DeVincenzo (COL ’12) were re-elected as executive editor and managing editor, respectively.

Editor-in-Chief Marissa Amendolia (COL ’11) was not up for re-election, as she was elected in November to a year-long term, a newly mandated term length for the editor-in-chief following a change to policy guidelines in 2009.

“I’m very pleased with the results of elections this semester,” Amendolia said. “We have a promising mix of new faces in addition to a number of staff members who have stayed on board. The general atmosphere of elections was optimistic, with a commitment to improvement as the underlying theme.”

Kevin Barber (COL ’11), a former editor-in-chief and current contributing editor, was selected as chair of the board of directors.

“This semester’s elections were, as always, a time for The Hoya to reflect on the past and set priorities for the future,” Barber said. “I’m excited to work with the board of directors in the coming year to realize this organization’s ambitions.”

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