When you read this headline, did you think that this column was going to be about ’80s music? Did you envision nodding your head as I reminded you of lost gems such as “She’s a Beauty” by The Tubes and ruthlessly mocked David Bowie’s “Fashion”? If you did, I’m sorry; you should probably stop reading now, as you will be sorely disappointed by what is to follow. Though I won’t be writing about epic bands this week, my title is still appropriate — I’ve picked out some songs to help you get through the few weeks ahead.


The time between Thanksgiving and winter break is rough, to say the least. Everyone has 4,472.5 things to do and about an hour in which to get each of them done. There’s no time to enjoy the first snow of the season (at least the first since Halloween) or competitively watch Jeopardy with your roommates. You can’t find a seat in the library because everybody and their brother have been there since 7 a.m. But don’t fear these dark days ahead, my friends, for I am arming you with music — specifically, Kid Cudi-esque chill rap — to lift your spirits.


If you’re looking to improve your mood on a bleak, study-filled day, “Go Outside” by Grip Grand and DJ MF Shalem is an excellent choice. My brother introduced me to Grip Grand over Thanksgiving break, and I immediately downloaded all of his albums. I’m slightly obsessed with his sound, which is similar to Brother Ali or Atmosphere. With its big-band horn instrumentals and upbeat lyrics, “Go Outside” is certain to make you smile even on your darkest day. Plus, the message is important for this time of year: please, for your own health, leave the library and inhale some fresh air.


Once you’ve stepped outside, cue up “Horoscope” by Vast Aire. This song is a little bit baffling. Its background is soft-core electro; think elevator music. Yet when paired with a voice that sounds like Bubba Sparxxx and mixed with some mildly angry lyrics, the whole thing becomes awesome, if inexplicable. If you like the odd contrasts on Watch the Throne, you will likely enjoy this song. If not, never fear — perhaps this next one will keep you from pulling out your hair in a paper-writing-induced rage.

This week’s last song is “When it Rolls In” by Sims. Sims’s voice is so mellow and quiet that it almost sounds like he’s whispering in this song, which makes it perfect to listen to while studying. The song itself is a little bit melancholy, but because the background music sounds like something that Band of Horses or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros would write, the track doesn’t become one of those depressing songs you can only listen to when you’ve just fallen down the stairs or accidentally texted your ex. Instead, the overall effect is bittersweet, much like you might feel after having completed one final assignment, only to realize you still have three more to start. Wow. That analogy was a bummer. I apologize.


So there you have it — three songs to tide you over until you get a real vacation. You know, one that lasts more than four days. Right now, that break might seem a million miles away, but don’t fret. You’ll be so busy that before you can say “Lie down forever, lie down,” it will be Jan. 5, and you’ll be so sick of your little sister that you’ll be begging to come back to school. Plus, if you listen to these three songs, vacation will only seem 500,000 miles away. That’s a promise.


Kinne Chapin is a senior in the College. She can be reached at [email protected] FACE THE MUSIC appears every other Friday in the guide.


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