Let’s be honest: I’m not so sure THE HOYA’s traditional senior viewpoints really do justice to our readers. They’re mostly a way to pat ourselves on the back and pretend college journalists have some special insight no one else does.

Maybe I am special, but, more likely, I’m not. Each of us has had a unique Georgetown experience; we all have our stories. I’ve been lucky enough to tell some of them, so I’ll cut to the chase and just say thank you.

To THE HOYA’s readers:

Thank you for letting us into your life each week, for reading my articles and my columns. Thank you for picking apart every phrase in each article, for catching me when I’m wrong and for praising me when I’m right. Thank you for criticizing me and THE HOYA and for holding us accountable.

To Georgetown’s students and administrators:

Thank you for talking to me so many times. Thanks for telling me your stories, for letting me barge into your lives. Thank you for being candid and open and giving THE HOYA’s readers and me a window into your pain, tragedies and successes.

To the people I’ve led and worked with at THE HOYA:

Thank you for working so hard to put out one of the best student newspapers in the country. I hope Georgetown realizes what a special group you are and have always been. I hope they know how much honor most of you have and that they appreciate the hard work you put into this paper.

One more thought: Even if others sometimes fail to recognize it, our integrity (or lack thereof) defines us as people. We should strive for nothing more and nothing less than being honest, credible men and women of integrity.

I truly believe that there are few more important community services than good journalism. Although we never achieve perfection, I thank Georgetown and THE HOYA for helping me strive for it.

Moises D. Mendoza is a senior in the School of Foreign Service. He is a former editor in chief, managing editor, features editor, contributing editor and member of THE HOYA’s Board of Directors.

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