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VIEWPOINT: Allow Self-Determination for Catalonia

I support Catalan self-determination — self-determination, not independence. The distinction here is negligible in practice but essential in theory. I believe that Catalans, citizens of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain, deserve the right to determine their own future, and most importantly, to decide whether that future rests in[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Subtle Anti-Semitism

Last October, a swastika was scratched into the wall of a Georgetown University Medical Center bathroom. Laudably, administrators and others quickly condemned this blatant expression of bigotry. However, a less explicit form of anti-Semitism has established a toehold on our campus. It manifests itself in the actions of two student[Read More…]

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Haaretz Journalist Discusses Israel’s Past

Israeli author and journalist Ari Shavit discussed his new book, “My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel,” on Tuesday in Copley Formal Lounge as part of the Georgetown University Program for Jewish Civilization’s spring lecture series. Shavit is a senior correspondent and member of the editorial board at Haaretz, a leading Israeli[Read More…]

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STIRRETT: A Two-State Path to Peace

Time is running out for the only way to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. With each passing year, hope for a two-state solution fades. While the continuation of this seemingly never-ending conflict can be disheartening, it is more important than ever to push for peace. The Israel-Palestine conflict isn’t black and[Read More…]

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