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3rd Annual Women’s March Rallies Amid Claims of Antisemitism

3rd Annual Women’s March Rallies Amid Claims of Antisemitism

An estimated 65,000 protesters participated in this year’s Women’s March in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 19, even as the organizers face widespread criticism because of close association with antisemitic rhetoric. Tens of thousands assembled in D.C. on Saturday to protest in favor of the rights of minority groups, an end[Read More…]

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The Sound of Equality: Women Take the Stage at All Things Go Fall Classic Music Festival

This year, Ariana Grande proclaimed that God is a woman. Cardi B topped the charts with the Latin-inspired banger “I Like It.” Beyoncé strode onto the main stage at Coachella, to the applause of thousands of fans. In many ways, women are the heart and soul of popular music. Yet[Read More…]

HARDING: Learning to Be Fearlessly Opinionated

HARDING: Learning to Be Fearlessly Opinionated

My life has often been a series of realizing what I should have said an hour too late. Perhaps this is why I write — and revise — instead of competing with Georgetown’s debate team. I have always tried to keep my biases and political opinions to a minimum, particularly[Read More…]

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2016 Election and Policies Spark DC Demonstrations

“This is what democracy looks like!” Groups of demonstrators, most of them young and many of them Hoyas, chanted in unison as they marched down the streets of Washington, D.C., ardent in their protest. On election night, the first in a series of demonstrations changed the landscape of politics in[Read More…]

VIEWPOINT: Unite Women Across Borders

VIEWPOINT: Unite Women Across Borders

On the day after the inauguration, the world witnessed a storm of women in pink hats standing up for what they believe. Yet the women of the Women’s March on Washington were not the first to unite, and they will certainly not be the last. Over the past decade, women[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Fight Inequality with Inclusivity

At last month’s Women’s March on Washington, millions of women marched through Washington, D.C., around the country and across the globe to show their commitment to a better future. From the biggest cities to the smallest towns, women and their allies — including many Georgetown students — stood together, created[Read More…]

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Trump Arrives in Capital Amid Protests, Celebrations

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LUX: The Trump Brand of Feminism

LUX: The Trump Brand of Feminism

This weekend, Washington, D.C., flooded with over 500,000 women and men, championing feminism and marching for women’s rights threatened under Donald Trump. And still, the new administration claims a feminist symbol in the form of first daughter Ivanka Trump, who enjoys a glamorous reputation as a woman who seems to[Read More…]

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Some Georgetown professors, including associate government professor Matthew Kroenig, are predicting President-elect Donald Trump’s presidency to be marked by progress around Republican policies.

Professors Predict Progress Along Party Lines

President Donald Trump’s term will consist of four years of policy conflicting with Republicans and Democrats alike, including the renegotiation of free trade agreements, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the building of a border wall, according to Georgetown professors interviewed by The Hoya. Government professor Michele Swers,[Read More…]

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