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@GeorgetownWomeninScience | The Georgetown Graduate Women in Business and Women in Science and Education student groups were bestowed grants from the American Association of University Women this week. The funds will be designated towards supporting women in underrepresented fields.

Women’s Leadership Grant Awarded to Graduate Student Groups

Two Georgetown graduate student groups were awarded a combined $5,000 grant by the American Association of University Women to continue their work in advancing female leadership in business and science. The funds will be used to support women in fields where they are currently underrepresented, with the grant directed to[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Foster Community for Women in Science

For many women at Georgetown University studying hard sciences like physics and computer science, isolation can encompass and overwhelm their academic experience. To increase female enrollment and retention in scientific fields where they are underrepresented, Georgetown University must actively promote community and mentorship for women. At Georgetown, 60 percent of[Read More…]

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Women in STEM

Women in STEM

STEM is a commonly used abbreviation referring to science, technology, engineering and math, and traditionally, the descriptor of a male-dominated industry. However, there is a group of women here on the Hilltop that are currently working to change that through a new on-campus organization — Stemme. “We are so excited[Read More…]

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