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Jinwoo ChongThe Hoya

Enjoying the Presence of Our Peers

This past weekend I attended Senior Retreat, where a mix of 63 veteran retreaters and first timers such as myself spent 24 hours reflecting on our four years of shared experience on the hilltop. Although we were only an hour from Washington D.C., the change in my surroundings prompted physical[Read More…]

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Enjoy Today Without Worrying About Tomorrow Take It From A Senior

A word from the wise to college freshmen (and really all students): Breathe. I’ve been an RA for three years and I can tell you that you aren’t doing it enough. I know it might seem like everyone older than you is telling you to do this right now, so[Read More…]

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Delaney: A Welcome Rulebook for Life

I am fairly certain that there has been discussion about the deterioration of society for as long as mankind has been able to sit around a fire and communicate. The next generation has been the older generation’s scapegoat for thousands of years: The young and rebellious are the ones to[Read More…]

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