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A Wi-Fi outage early Friday morning was caused by a planned security patch, university officials said.

Security Patch Caused Overnight Wi-Fi Outage

A planned security patch to the Georgetown Wi-Fi network resulted in a wireless service outage from midnight to 6 a.m. on Nov. 10 that limited access to all campus networks in all but two buildings. The outage occurred while University Information Services installed a security patch to campus Wi-Fi services[Read More…]

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Georgetown was the only university recognized as a winner of the Digital Edge 25 award, acknowledging the university for its innovation in technology around campus.

Wi-Fi Improvements Planned for 66 Buildings, Outages Expected

Georgetown University plans to invest $120 million to upgrade Wi-Fi infrastructure in all 66 campus buildings, over the course of five years, through an agreement with Verizon Wireless. Improvements have already been completed in Alumni Square and the Preclinical Science Building, resulting in speed improvements from two to 10 times[Read More…]

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The D.C. Council is considering bills that would put the city on track to establish public Wi-Fi and digital literacy services.

D.C. Council Considers Public Wi-Fi and Digital Literacy Bill

The Washington, D.C. Council is considering two bills this week that aim to make public wireless internet available to city residents to promote digital literacy. These bills are intended to close the gap between residents with and without Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi Task Force Act of 2017 proposes a task force[Read More…]

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Metro Expands Free Wi-Fi Services to the Red Line

Metro Expands Free Wi-Fi Services to the Red Line

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority officials announced Monday its plans to install wireless voice and data services in the first tunnel segment of the Red line, covering stops from Glenmont to Silver Spring, in addition to 30 underground stations that will have free Wi-Fi service by the end of the[Read More…]

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Student organizations and outside businesses will be required to install their own Wi-Fi service in order to maintain compliance with new credit card industry regulations.

Student Groups Required To Install Own Wi-Fi

Student organizations and outside businesses on campus accepting credit card payments will be required to provide their own Wi-Fi service next year to maintain compliance with credit card industry-imposed regulations. Organizations, including the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union, Students of Georgetown, Inc. and businesses in Hoya Court,[Read More…]

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Chief Information Officer Judd Nicholson previously worked for the U.S. Marshals Service as deputy CIO before coming to work at Georgetown.

Q&A: Judd Nicholson Promotes Technology’s Role on Campus

Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Georgetown Judd Nicholson talked with The Hoya about his background, current University Information Services projects and technology issues relevant to students on campus. Can you introduce yourself and give us some information on your background and experiences that you bring[Read More…]

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UIS Rolls Out Wireless Network

UIS Rolls Out Wireless Network

Georgetown University Information Services launched GURegistered, a new pilot wireless network, which allows residents to connect devices that do not support secure protocols, in conjunction with the Georgetown University Student Association on Feb. 9. The network’s establishment comes at the heels of December’s announcement of a five-year, $27.5 million UIS-led[Read More…]

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University Information Services implemented a $189,000 upgrade of the Lauinger Library Wi-Fi system, the university’s oldest Wi-Fi hotspot, after students expressed concerns about the reliability of the old system.

GU’s Oldest Wi-Fi System Receives Overhaul

From Jan. 4 to Jan. 8 of this year, University Information Services completed an approximately $189,000 overhaul of the Georgetown University Lauinger Library Wi-Fi system and general connectivity infrastructure. The project was completed with outside contractors, including the Virginia-based Knight Point Systems, and used Advanced AirMagnet software to assess the[Read More…]

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UIS Overhauls Campus Wi-Fi, University Printing

University Information Services is in the final stages of overhauling Wi-Fi infrastructure for Georgetown’s 11,000 continuous Wi-Fi users while also evaluating an overhaul to printing on all three campuses in the D.C. area. The Wi-Fi upgrades will be completed after Internet access in Healy Hall and White-Gravenor are updated this semester. UIS upgraded or installed Wi-Fi in 24 buildings on the[Read More…]

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Wireless Coming to Copley Hall Soon, UIS Says

Copley Hall will be the latest dorm on campus to receive wireless Internet access when University Information Services activates the new services on March 11. According to an email sent to residents by Associate Director of UIS Donna DeLay, Internet services in Copley Hall will experience occasional outages between the[Read More…]

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