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Loan Reforms Extend Eligibility

President Obama expanded the federal “Pay As You Earn” program for federal student loan borrowers through executive order this summer, allowing those with loans borrowed before 2007 to be eligible. Under PAYE, monthly payments on student loans will be capped at 10 percent of the borrower’s income, and the balance[Read More…]

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White House Addresses Sexual Assault on Campus

The White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault released its first report on April 28, outlining steps to identify areas of concern and design solutions to prevent sexual assault on college campuses. The Task Force was created on Jan. 22 and used a 90-day deliberation period to[Read More…]

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Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) speaks at the One Georgetown, One Campus launch Sept. 8 protesting the proposed satellite residence.

Protest Thrives in Diverse Forms

From online movements combatting microaggressions at universities nationwide to student-led rallies calling for reform at the gates of the White House, the past year has seen prolific Georgetown student activism.   Online Advocacy Inspired by #BBUM, or Being Black at the University of Michigan, students created their own Twitter movements[Read More…]

Student Challenges White House Unpaid Internships

For many Georgetown students, an internship at the White House represents the creme de la creme of opportunities in Washington, D.C. One Georgetown student, however, sees a way to make the experience even more enriching: payment. Following the State of the Union address on Jan. 28, Michael Holper (COL ’14)[Read More…]

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Obama Proposes Financial Aid Reform

In order to increase college affordability, President Barack Obama announced a proposal to reform the allocation of federal financial aid Aug. 22. Obama’s proposal calls for student aid to be based on the value of a college education as determined by a new ranking system. The new college-ranking system, which[Read More…]

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Student Honored for Disability Advocacy at White House

Disability rights activist Lydia Brown (COL ’15) joined seven other panelists at a White House event commemorating the 23rd anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act on Thursday. The event, run through the White House Office of Public Engagement, featured remarks by Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, Senior Advisor to the President[Read More…]

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Political Excitement Captures the Hilltop

From the election and inauguration to faculty White House appointments, the Hilltop was abuzz with political news this year even beyond its usual standards. Students arrived on campus in August to find student groups primed to start the campaign season. The Georgetown University College Republicans and Georgetown University College Democrats[Read More…]

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White House Applauds Solar Panel Initiative

White House Applauds Solar Panel Initiative

Three months after the installation and activation of solar panels on six university-owned townhouses, Gary Guzy, deputy director and general counsel for the White House Council on Environmental Equality, lauded the university’s innovative approach at the project’s ceremonial launch Thursday. The project, SolarStreet, aligns with University President John J. DeGioia’s pledge to cut Georgetown’s[Read More…]

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STIRRETT: Two Sides of the Coin in VP Toss-Up

STIRRETT: Two Sides of the Coin in VP Toss-Up

The recent vice-presidential debate was one of the more polarizing events of the past few weeks. Depending on to whom you talked, Vice President Joe Biden’s performance was either phenomenal or atrocious. This sharper-than-normal partisan divide can be explained by Joe Biden’s personality — his quirks are simultaneously his greatest[Read More…]

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MILLER: VP Debaters Fall Flat

MILLER: VP Debaters Fall Flat

The vice presidential debate this past week was a doozy — in a very bad way. Neither the Republican nor the Democratic contender performed up to par. Paul Ryan was not his usual charming self. He wasn’t flustered per se, but more bland and unimpressive. I had high hopes for[Read More…]

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