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What’s After Dark Cuts Hurt Groups

One year after the Center for Student Engagement discontinued its What’s After Dark program due to university-wide budget cuts, several groups, including the Georgetown Program Board, Relay for Life and the Black Student Association continue to face difficulties in funding late-night programs. These groups traditionally used What’s After Dark funding[Read More…]

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Friday’s Big Sean concert benefitted from GPB’s 2014 budget.

What’s After Dark Cut Limits GPB

After attracting the likes of Big Sean, Calvin Harris and Wiz Khalifa in recent years, the Georgetown Program Board will face challenges procuring star headliners for its Spring Kickoff Concert with the event’s budget set to be cut by $15,000 next year. When the university discontinued What’s After Dark in[Read More…]

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Lights Go Out for What’s After Dark

The Center for Student Engagement will discontinue the What’s After Dark program in response to university-wide budget cuts, resulting in a partial loss of funding for Relay for Life, the Georgetown Program Board and other groups. What’s After Dark operates on a grant from the university and distributes funds to[Read More…]

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What’s After Dark Now?

What’s After Dark, a program founded in 2007 that supported sober nightlife activities, was discontinued last week. Plagued by a shortage of university funding, the program’s elimination may have been justified. However, its abrupt end could have been avoided if the university heeded an idea posed by the Georgetown University[Read More…]

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GPB Defends Its Autonomy

After reading and carefully considering the Student Life Report, I want to offer my commentary on the section that pertains to the Georgetown Program Board. The recommendation to merge GPB and What’s After Dark is understandable. The mission statements of the two organizations are somewhat blurred; in the past, there has been[Read More…]

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Spice Up Your Saturday with Salsa and Poetry

Spice Up Your Saturday with Salsa and Poetry

Head over to Bulldog Alley this Saturday night and you’ll get a taste of poetry, music and Hispanic culture. Georgetown’s What’s After Dark is teaming up with Be-Well Week 2011 to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a Late Night Poetry Slam on Saturday, Oct. 1. The event will last from[Read More…]

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