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Georgetown in Affected Area for Widespread D.C. Water Advisory

Georgetown in Affected Area for Widespread D.C. Water Advisory

Residents and businesses in the Georgetown area are being asked to boil tap water before consuming it after a problem with a tap at a pumping station possibly contaminated drinking water, affecting nearly 34,000 Washington, D.C. residents in parts of Northwest and Northeast D.C. on Friday morning. The university sent[Read More…]

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A promotional poster for the student startup Fiber Filters, which seeks to keep microplastics out of the world's oceans.

Georgetown Student Startup Addresses Microplastic Pollution

Student-run startup Fiber Filter is promoting its new fiber-catching laundry bag prototype in a promotional video that aims to pressure washing machine companies to take social responsibility for microplastic pollution. Fiber Filter startup founders Lola Bushnell (COL ’18), Carter Cortazzi (COL ’19), and Jaime Farrell (COL ’19) released the video[Read More…]

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A Choice to Conserve Beyond Water Week

Several years ago, Georgetown University administrators started considering the necessity of ensuring the sustainability of new buildings on campus. Just this past year, Georgetown opted to institutionalize the Office of Sustainability, illustrating the importance of this establishment. With continued information coming forward about the dire state of the environment, establishing[Read More…]

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GU-UNICEF Fights Crisis Drop by Drop

In an effort to raise awareness of the world water crisis, the Georgetown chapter of UNICEF celebrates UNICEF World Water Week this week as a part of the UNICEF Tap Project, started in 2007. Participants in the Tap Project asks donors to contribute $1 or more for the tap water[Read More…]

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This Week, Tap Into Global H2O Action

Odorless, colorless and tasteless, water is the basic building block of life. In this country and in our local communities, we often take it for granted. For us, clean water is just a tap or a fountain away. The ease with which we can obtain and afford to waste water[Read More…]

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