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DC Voting, Statehood Debated

Amid talk of D.C. statehood, outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder brought increased attention to the District’s lack of voting representation in Congress in a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus on Sept. 26. Holder, a D.C. resident, gave the speech a day after announcing his plans to resign and focused[Read More…]

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Citizen Concerns Delay DC Redistricting

Citizen Concerns Delay DC Redistricting

The D.C. Board of Elections has cancelled proposed changes to realign voting precincts amid worries among local residents that the changes could cause confusion about where to vote in the upcoming April 1 Democratic mayoral primary. The 59-page “2013 Precinct Boundary Efficiency Plan,” released to the public in October 2013,[Read More…]

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Senate Considers Election Reform

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate began discussions about altering the electoral system for senate elections at its weekly meeting Sunday evening. Currently, senators are elected via an instant runoff system through which voters rank candidates by preference, and the candidate with the fewest votes at the end of each[Read More…]

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Turnout Up, Creates Long Lines at Polls

Many students voting in the District of Columbia and northern Virginia last Tuesday encountered long lines and delays at polling places, which in Georgetown were partly because of a surge in student voter turnout. Arianne Kaldewey (SFS ’15) and Kelly Pierce (MSB ’15) both spent almost three hours at the[Read More…]

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Student Campaigners Reflect On a Defining Experience

As campaigns draw to a close and millions of voters head to the polls today, many Georgetown students have a reason to be particularly invested in the results. During a time when most students are focused on midterms, Alyssa Peterson (COL ’14) has dedicated 10-15 hours per week volunteering for[Read More…]

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DC Students Speak Muted on Hilltop

Though the Georgetown chapter of advocacy group D.C. Students Speak has remained involved in registering students to vote, its presence on campus has receded in the wake of the resolution of the 2010 Campus Plan. DCSS is a nonpartisan group that seeks to amplify the student voice in the political arena.[Read More…]

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My Vote is No Vote at All

The election in less than two months is going to be fairly important. Yet, strangely enough, whether or not I vote will be extremely unimportant. Let’s get something clear first: This argument is about my individual decision not to vote. It is not an argument against having a democracy, voting[Read More…]

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More Bang for Your Ballot

Voter registration has been a major storyline this election cycle, with both campaigns giving special attention to unregistered college students. The youth vote could be a deciding factor this year, and it is in Georgetown students’ best interests to register and vote absentee from their home states, rather than in[Read More…]

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Students Barred From Voting in DC Council Election

At least three Georgetown students were turned away at the polls when they tried to vote in yesterday’s special election for at-large member of the D.C. Council. The students’ names were not on the list of registered voters, and they did not have the required documents — government ID and[Read More…]

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RJC to Launch with Elections

Georgetown’s Residential Judicial Council will hold its first-ever elections next week, aiming to transform the campus’ perception of the organization. The council, which was put on hiatus this year but is slated to resume activities in the fall, will fill nine vacant seats with members of the rising sophomore, junior[Read More…]

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