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The Georgetown University basketball team currently wears Nike apparel; Nike has been accused of violating workers' rights.

President DeGioia Addresses Nike Labor Disputes

Following an extended campaign spearheaded by student-athletes and the recommendations of the university’s Licensing Oversight Committee over the past few months, University President John J. DeGioia submitted a letter to Nike last week emphasizing the importance of Georgetown’s code of conduct and calling on the apparel producer to cooperate with[Read More…]

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HOCHBERG: Intimidation Game Threatens US Trade

HOCHBERG: Intimidation Game Threatens US Trade

A dark possibility lurks in the shadows of the United States and China’s mutually beneficial trade relationship. As China’s militarization of the South China Sea continues to create tension with the United States and its allies, including Japan and the Philippines, a potential showdown looms. The conflict is still in[Read More…]

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It Got Uglier Than You Thought

To the Editor: I read with interest Braden McDonald and Molly Simio’s feature story on the “protest culture” at Georgetown University [“Marching On,” The Hoya, B1, March 21, 2014]. In their recap of the history of campus protest beginning in May, they comment that “Georgetown’s Vietnam era response, while dramatic[Read More…]

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