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DeGioia Sits Down With Student Press

DeGioia Sits Down With Student Press

Each semester, University President John J. DeGioia sets an hour aside to talk to representatives of the campus media. The highlights from today’s meeting include planned expansions to the university’s campus, how Georgetown is pursuing international engagement, howDeGioia hopes to the see the campus plan debate resolved and the future of the capital[Read More…]

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Discounted Double-Sided Printing Debuts in UIS Labs

Most university printing facilities will now allow users to print double-sided for a reduced rate of five cents per page, marking the culmination of a long campaign by students, faculty and campus environmental groups. As of this weekend, University Information Services labs and print stations in the Intercultural Center, St.[Read More…]

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GU Earns Financially Responsible Rating

Georgetown received a label of “financially responsible” for its performance in fiscal year 2010, according to a report released by the U.S. Department of Education on Oct. 12. One of over 3,000 schools evaluated, the university was issued a composite score of 2.1 out of 3.0 for its fiscal performance between[Read More…]

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University Begins Work on Outlet Additions in Lauinger

Starting this week, a long-anticipated electrical upgrade project in Lauinger Library will install additional outlets on every floor. The project, which began Tuesday, will last until early December. Upgrades are planned to the electrical paneling in the building as outlets are added. Contractors hired by the university will work on[Read More…]

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University Hoping to Hire Full-Time Veteran Affairs Coordinator

After a push by student veterans that lasted more than a year, the university is working toward establishing a full-time coordinator for veterans affairs after hiring a part-time coordinator last month. David Shearman (SFS ’11), a student veteran who served six years in the army before arriving at Georgetown, was[Read More…]

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First Lady Encourages Study Abroad

First Lady Encourages Study Abroad

As Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the White House Wednesday, first lady Michelle Obama stepped on stage at Howard University to encourage students to study abroad in the dignitary’s home country. “Studying in countries like China isn’t only about your prospects in the global marketplace,” Obama said. “It’s not just[Read More…]

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Georgetown Earns B in Sustainability

Georgetown’s eco-friendly practices deserve a B grade, according to the nonprofit Sustainable Endowments Institute, which evaluates colleges and universities every year on their environmental efforts in its College Sustainability Report Card. The grade from the 2011 edition of the ratings remains the same as last year’s, but it is a[Read More…]

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Adderall Abuse Rises Nationally as Study Tool

College students are notorious for spending late nights in the library, whether it’s cramming during finals time or finishing homework for an early morning class. Night after night, many strain for ways to keep themselves going – and some have pushed aside the coffee, Red Bull and midday naps for[Read More…]

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