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BOSCO: Unite in Celebration of Differences

BOSCO: Unite in Celebration of Differences

As a new member of the Georgetown community, I have been spending lots of time exploring the campus, learning about its history and meeting wonderful faculty, staff and students since my arrival on campus in early August. In particular, I have been taken with the Latin words on the seal[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Uphold Dignity Over Division

As it became clear that former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would lose to President-elect nominee Donald Trump, there was an apparent change in mood at the watch party in the Healey Family Student Center. After the election was called for Trump, the spectrum of reactions on campus was varied. Some[Read More…]

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Young Progressives: Do Not Drop the Ball

In light of last week’s debate between Democratic presidential candidates former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) about who is qualified to be president, I think it is fair to say the level of vitriol between progressives in the Democratic nomination fight has reached 2008-like levels.[Read More…]

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Politics Are Nasty, But This Is Too Far

A few weeks ago, the Institute of Politics and Public Service hosted a mock Iowa caucus event where students could go and learn how caucusing works while advocating for their favorite presidential candidates. After hearing experts from both sides of the political aisle explain the process, the room was divided[Read More…]

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Why We’re Not Running

A couple of opinion pieces have been published in The Hoya questioning why there are not more candidates in the executive race for the Georgetown University Student Association. Potential candidates take a long time contemplating a run for the executive. They question what they bring to the race, what policy[Read More…]

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State of the University

State of the University

Early last week, President Joseph Castro of the California State University of Fresno delivered his school’s first “state of the university” address. The address, which kicks off an annual series designed to strengthen relations between Fresno State’s alumni, administrators and surrounding local leaders, is a model of community building that[Read More…]

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Janet Zhu

For Climate Action, a March of Unity

Integral to all great American movements is the physical congregation of people who strive for change. The People’s Climate March in New York City this past Sunday was the largest march for climate justice to date, bringing together more than 400,000 people. When clicktivism, the use of social media for[Read More…]

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In A Time of Turmoil, Better Together

In A Time of Turmoil, Better Together

When it was announced that a referendum would be held to decide whether Scotland would become independent, I really didn’t care. What the media was trumping up to be one of the most monumental turning points in recent British history barely crossed my consciousness. That was until last Sunday when[Read More…]

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Call for Change, From the Bottom Up

The Obama staffers and community leaders with whom I spent my break between sophomore and junior years referred to our campaign as Freedom Summer 2008. Decades after courageous, radical young women and men swarmed Mississippi in the summer of 1964 to register suppressed and intimidated blacks voters, I moved to[Read More…]

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