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Partner for Progress

Confined to our small college campus bubble, we as Georgetown students often find it difficult to influence events happening in the world around us. We often try to make a global impact by forming small, dedicated clubs on campus. However, a lack of manpower or resources can sometimes cause students[Read More…]

Water Week Draws Attention to Global Issue

UNICEF Georgetown took a break from its regular fundraising and discussion last week to educate Georgetown about water, sanitation and hygiene needs around the world during World Water Week. UNICEF Georgetown promoted and fundraised for UNICEF’s Tap Project, a campaign to provide clean water to children in developing countries in[Read More…]

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UNICEF Raises Money For Pakistan Flood Victims

The Georgetown UNICEF chapter partnered with the South Asian Society and the Georgetown Gastronomes to host an awareness dinner this Wednesday, educating attendees about the ongoing effects from the disastrous mid-summer flooding in Pakistan. “Considering the range of devastation in Pakistan, I felt since it occurred over the summer, students[Read More…]

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UNICEF Talks Global Development at Dinner

Members of the Georgetown community came together to learn about and engage one another on the topic of global development at the UNICEF conference on Friday night. This was the eighth year that the conference, which involves a variety of international organizations, was held. The theme of this year’s conference,[Read More…]

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GU-UNICEF Fights Crisis Drop by Drop

In an effort to raise awareness of the world water crisis, the Georgetown chapter of UNICEF celebrates UNICEF World Water Week this week as a part of the UNICEF Tap Project, started in 2007. Participants in the Tap Project asks donors to contribute $1 or more for the tap water[Read More…]

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This Week, Tap Into Global H2O Action

Odorless, colorless and tasteless, water is the basic building block of life. In this country and in our local communities, we often take it for granted. For us, clean water is just a tap or a fountain away. The ease with which we can obtain and afford to waste water[Read More…]

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GU Professor Nominated for UNICEF Executive Director

Anthony Lake, distinguished professor in practice of diplomacy in the School of Foreign Service, was nominated last week to be the next head of UNICEF. The news of Lake’s nomination came in a letter written by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice and shared with the Associated Press.[Read More…]

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GU Community Mobilizes for Haiti

GU Community Mobilizes for Haiti

While no members of the university community have been reported lost or injured as a result of the 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti on Jan. 12, the university community has mobilized to raise funds for the recovery effort.   The natural disaster, which is estimated to have killed over 100,000[Read More…]

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