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KUYUMJIAN: For Justice, Recognize Armenian Genocide

Since 1915, the Turkish government has denied that the forced relocation and slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians constitutes a genocide. Georgetown University has been part of the silence allowing the Armenian genocide to go largely unacknowledged. Moreover, the Turkish government has exported this denial abroad through lobbyists, bribes and geopolitical[Read More…]

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Global Press Freedoms Decline, Activists Say

Press freedoms have declined in the United States and around the world as authoritarian governments and strongmen erode journalist protections, according to Reporters Without Borders’ 2017 World Press Freedom Index that was announced yesterday. Compiled in partnership with The Washington Post and presented at the paper’s office, the report concludes[Read More…]

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Democracy Falters Following Coup

The Turkish military-led coup attempt in July caught the eyes of millions around the world. As time progressed and it became clear that the coup had failed, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan began cracking down on thousands of military members, academics, judges and civilians across the country. However, when one[Read More…]

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GU Hosts Panel on Turkey

Following a failed coup attempt this summer, Turkey may become a new source of conflict in the Middle East, according to Georgetown’s Institute of Turkish Studies Director Sinan Ciddi and Aykan Erdemir, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, in a panel discussion sponsored by the School[Read More…]

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GREGORY: Two Foes And A Fragile Alliance

Istanbul’s Istiklal Street is the city’s main commercial thoroughfare, containing a variety of businesses and connecting the famous landmarks Taksim Square and Galata Tower. On weekends, around 3 million people traverse its time-worn cobblestones; locals hurry to work while tourists examine storefront displays or escape the crowds at outdoor cafes.[Read More…]

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The panel included Denise Natali of the Insititute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University, and Kadir Utsun, research director at the SETA Foundation.

Panel Discusses IS Group, Middle Eastern Affairs

The Institute of Turkish Studies and the Middle East Institute co-sponsored a panel on Turkey, the Islamic State group and the Middle East on Wednesday in McShain Lounge. A panel of experts led by Sinan Ciddi, executive director of the Institute for Turkish Studies, included Denise Natali, who holds the[Read More…]

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A memorial for the victims of the recent shooting in Isla Vista, Calif.

The Modern Facets of Compassion

In this exact moment, dozens of UC Santa Barbara students are mourning the shooting deaths of six of their classmates; thousands of Bosnians, Croatians and Serbians are displaced from their homes and missing family or friends because of deadly flooding; and hundreds of fallen miners are being laid to rest[Read More…]

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Climbing Takes Hold in Turkey

Climbing Takes Hold in Turkey

In a country known for its love of soccer, another sport has climbed into Turkey’s heart: rock climbing. I am currently studying abroad in a town called Alanya on the south coast of Turkey. This past weekend a friend and I packed backpacks and travelled west for four hours to an area called Olympos, which[Read More…]

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Professors Compare Emerging Democracies

Three Georgetown professors highlighted the similarities among the maturing democracies of Egypt, Turkey and Brazil at a panel discussion Wednesday. Government professor Charles King, international relations professor James Vreeland and government professor Diana Kapiszewski spoke at the event, which was co-sponsored by the Mortara Center for International Studies, the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies and the[Read More…]

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Georgetown Students Join Turkish Protests

Georgetown Students Join Turkish Protests

  ADIYAMAN, TURKEY — As thousands in Istanbul clash with police, Georgetown students in both Turkey and Washington, D.C. have joined in protest against an intransigent Turkish government. Kaan Inan (SFS ’14), who is from Istanbul, found himself in the midst of tear gas being thrown by Turkish police on June 1, the[Read More…]

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