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No Break for Transparency

No Break for Transparency

The end of summer: shorter days, pre-orientation programs and an opening to sweep unpopular news under the rug. Over the past several summer vacations, a concerning pattern has emerged of the administration announcing contentious policy changes when the majority of students are away from campus. That tactic suggests a lack[Read More…]

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Summer Decisions Shun Student Input

A series of contentious decisions made by the university administration this summer have received criticism for excluding students from the deliberation process. Plans for the Northeast Triangle residence hall were initially presented in what appeared to be a finished form to Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E and the Old Georgetown Board with minimal student[Read More…]

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Demand for Disclosure

GUSA senators are tuned in to the student experience in part through their participation in organizations on campus, an exemplar of representative government. But while giving voice to different groups is democratic, voting with those self-interests in mind can be a perilous process. There is no serious problem with corruptive[Read More…]

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One Day Later, Stewards Respond

After the names of student and alumni members of the Second Society of Stewards were released through the exposure of an internal message exchange and public tax returns Tuesday night, reactions of university officials have remained largely silent while reactions from stewards have been mixed. While University Spokeswoman Stacy Kerr[Read More…]

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Appelbaum, Cleary Sign Diversity Pledge With MEChA

Jack Appelbaum (COL ’14) and Maggie Cleary (COL ’14) pledged to enhance diversity, cultural inclusion and understanding at Georgetown on Tuesday. The Pledge of Action forDiversity and Inclusion at Georgetown University laid out concrete actions that the pair would take if elected as the Georgetown University Student Association executives Thursday, including organizing a town[Read More…]

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Secret Society Disclosure Brings Focus to Appelbaum Campaign

Secret Society Disclosure Brings Focus to Appelbaum Campaign

An anonymous Facebook profile, “StewardThroat Hoya,” has shaken up the GUSA presidential election less than 24 hours before voting begins with allegations regarding the involvement of presidential candidate Jack Appelbaum(COL ’14) in a secret society. Documents posted to Facebook, some removed and later reposted on a newly created blog, include Google messages between members of[Read More…]

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Power Player: Board of Directors Close Up

Students often complain about a lack of transparency in the administration, but one of the greatest powers behind decisions of the university is even more unknown. Behind all of the changes taking place on a daily basis, the board of directors is at the helm of the latest initiatives at[Read More…]

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Prying Open A Shut Door Policy

Transparency. It is a word that is emptily thrown around by university administrators and has been for years. Though we continually claim to be making strides toward openness at Georgetown, the results do not back up the claims. Either those in charge have a drastically different interpretation of the meaning[Read More…]

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The Board Lacks Transparent Governance

Tomorrow, the board of directors of Georgetown University will convene to discuss official business that is relevant to current students, alumni and donors. Unfortunately, except for those in the meeting, hardly anyone will know what is discussed. When he met with the student media earlier this month, University President John[Read More…]

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