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Funding Ignites Georgetown Gondola Study

The Arlington County Board decided to contribute $35,000 last week to a study that will test the feasibility of building a gondola between Rosslyn, Va., and Georgetown in order to reduce traffic on Key Bridge. Organized by a neighborhood group, Georgetown 2028, the possible implementation of a gondola over the[Read More…]

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Footing the Wrong Bill

Given that Washington, D.C.’s Metrorail service is largely out of range for the Hilltop, the Georgetown community increasingly looks to bus services as a means to get around the city. The D.C. Circulator, which has served Georgetown well both in terms of its routes and $1 fare, has generally been[Read More…]

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Inauguration Crowd Cause Transit Delays

Travelling to President Barack Obama’s second inauguration on Monday, most commuters arrived at Capitol Hill without a hitch. The journey home, however, was a different story. Long lines, inactive escalators and stalled trains clogged the Metro after the ceremony. “On the way there, it would’ve been smarter to take the Metro,”[Read More…]

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