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Amid a push to decriminalize sex work in Washington, D.C., several students at Georgetown engage in sugaring, a practice that relies on gifts or allowances from clients in exchange for sex, and escorting as a space to express their sexual identities.

Behind the Curtain: Students in Sex Work

Eric/a grappled with the idea of sex work for over a year before their first paid sexual encounter. Since the summer after their sophomore year, they were consumed by a mental calculus of risk. Eric/a weighed the risk of detection by the authorities, the university and fellow students. They considered[Read More…]

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The National Center for Transgender Equality reported that 37 percent of transgender respondents experienced psychological distress.

Anti-Trans Discrimination Rises in Washington, D.C.

Discrimination against transgender individuals is causing disproportionate mental health issues in the Washington, D.C. area, with 37 percent of trans respondents reporting psychological distress compared to an overall 5 percent national average in 2011, a National Center for Transgender Equality study found. The survey responses, coupled with increasing rates of[Read More…]

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Employment Study Prompts Look at Transgender Rights

A D.C. Office of Human Rights report published Nov. 3 found that transgender citizens in Washington, D.C., face significant barriers in seeking employment amid discussions regarding transgender discrimination on campus and at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. The data revealed that transgender individuals are less likely to be hired than cisgender[Read More…]

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In Transition, But Incomplete

On her first day of classes at Georgetown in 2012, one of Celeste Chisholm’s (COL ’15) professors called her “Jonathan.” Chisholm corrected the professor, explaining that she prefers to be called Celeste. She assumed that after the exchange, her situation was obvious and her classmates understood that she is a[Read More…]

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Fighting Trans Homelessness

In response to the effect of disproportionate levels of homelessness on LGBTQ youth, a new youth shelter is the first of its kind to offer protection for transgender youth in the District. Ruby Corado, an advocate for LGBTQ rights, heads Casa Ruby, a nonprofit organization that currently provides meals, case[Read More…]

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A Home, Regardless of Gender

As the first semester comes to an end, the issue of housing policy is once again on the horizon, refocusing attention on this year’s university decision to allow transgender students to declare eligibility for university housing as their identified gender. This practice is welcome, but comes with the caveat that[Read More…]

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Identifying Progress

Through the developing discussion of trans issues at Georgetown, the university has reached a considerable benchmark in its history, with transgender students more welcomed on campus and issues that concern them gaining wider attention. More progress, however, can still be made, especially in the area of simple administrative policy. Foremost[Read More…]

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Trans Policies Progress

In a move signifying some progress in university policy toward transgender students, the university has placed a transgender student in housing with other students of the same gender, amid ongoing conversations about changing housing and registrar policies that affect transgender students. Since meeting with university officials for the first time[Read More…]

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The Culture-Born Antithesis of Plurality

The Culture-Born Antithesis of Plurality

With Japan, as with any relationship, I fear rejection. It is no question that this culture is my muse, and conversely, Japan seems to have sustained a long-standing fascination with Americans as well. The Japanese have unyieldingly accommodated a flood of English words into their vocabulary, reciprocated the foreign interest[Read More…]

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Lexi Dever (COL ’16), center, takes part in Coming Out Day in Red Square Oct. 11.

Transgender Students Enter Campus Spotlight

Last year’s Year in Review highlighted the progression of LGBTQ student groups on campus, as well as LGBTQ rights nationally, as evidenced by the legalization of gay marriage in states across the country. This year, one part of that acronym that had been overlooked in the past emerged as a[Read More…]