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ROSENBERGER: Unexpected Solace in a Fractured Faith

ROSENBERGER: Unexpected Solace in a Fractured Faith

This year, I am giving up my faith for Lent. When I arrived home for spring break, I received the news that the longest, mutually beneficial relationship in my life had come to an end. Every few months since 1999, Joe the Barber has given me more or less the[Read More…]

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GAAP Fosters GU Tradition

Inspired by their own experiences as prospective students, 250 volunteers will introduce 400 high school seniors to the Hilltop this weekend. The two-day event is first of three weekends organized by the Georgetown Admissions Ambassadors Program for accepted students. This weekend is for students who have been accepted through early[Read More…]

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Chimes Continue Late Founder’s Legacy

Chimes Continue Late Founder’s Legacy

As the clock on Healy Tower struck midnight Thursday night, the Georgetown Chimes performed their weekly recital in Dahlgren Quad, the newest of Georgetown’s oldest a cappella group’s long list of traditions. Frank Jones (LAW ’48) founded the all-male Chimes when he came to Georgetown in 1946. Sixty-seven years and 240 Chimes[Read More…]

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Inauguration Brews Excitement

Inauguration Brews Excitement

In January 1981, Kathleen DePippo (NHS ’84) found her way into one of President Reagan’s inaugural balls as an unassuming Georgetown freshman. “One of my friends was a freelance reporter for The Washington Post, so she had two press passes, and there were eight of us so we just kept passing them[Read More…]

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A Time for Mischief

The recent theft of the Healy clock hands has forced both students and administrators to re-evaluate what the tradition means to us. Given the safety hazards and extreme risks involved in stealing the clock hands, the university is fully justified in maintaining precautions to deter all but the most dedicated[Read More…]

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Clock Hands Tradition Rekindled

Clock Hands Tradition Rekindled

More than two weeks after the clock hands on the front face of Healy Tower went missing, the mystery of who took them remains largely unsolved. After confirming the theft of the front hands, which went missing April 30, the university removed the set on the back of Healy Tower[Read More…]

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Veterans Spruce Up WWII Memorial

For a dozen students volunteering at the World War II memorial Saturday morning, raking leaves meant more than cleaning up a national monument — it was about honoring history. The group was led by the Georgetown University Student Veterans Association, an organization that seeks to support veterans during their time[Read More…]

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Time to Rekindle Raillery

As the drudgery of midterm season rolls on, the tired looks, caffeine jitters and unbearably crowded library continue to leave an air of misery on campus. To lighten the mood, why can’t our campus news organizations provide us with a little comic relief while still keeping us informed? The news[Read More…]

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SCHAUER: A Fatherly Ritual for All

There you are, working along, minding your own business and all of the sudden it hits you: midterms. Somehow you wake up one morning and it’s the middle of October. September has flown by in a frenzy of open houses, information sessions and hundreds of new emails from all of[Read More…]

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SCHAUER: A Big Job for a Little Bulldog

We’re a few weeks into the year now, folks, and that means many things have started back up again. The Corp is churning out coffee, a cappella groups can be seen spontaneously bursting into song and Hoya Blue is back encouraging all of us to put our best and most-spirited[Read More…]

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