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MEANEY AND HOYT: Earning Greatness Through Service

We boldly titled our column this past year “The State of Nature.” However, perhaps we would have been better off calling it “The State of Georgetown.” We’ve covered topics ranging from the Facebook habits of Georgetown students to our dating culture, plus many issues in between. Today, we hope to[Read More…]

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MEANEY & HOYT: GU Dating Culture: All We Need Is Love

Bill Doyle, chairman of Georgetown University’s capital campaign, once said that it is Georgetown’s soul that sets her apart. But what is the state of this soul? Are Georgetown’s students living up to their Jesuit identity, which expects students to challenge societal norms, question the status quo and, most importantly,[Read More…]

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MEANEY & HOYT: Young Adult Fiction Comes of Age

Scout Finch, Holden Caulfield, Margaret Simon — meet Katniss Everdeen. She’s the heroine and action star of Suzanne Collins massively popular “Hunger Games” trilogy. She’s also at the center of the latest trend in young adult fiction. Where adolescents once craved stories of social conflict or escape, they now want tales about[Read More…]

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MEANEY & HOYT: A Modest Proposal to Reduce Unemployment

It’s quite dreary to walk around McPherson Square these days. Looking at all those slothful souls who can’t help but “occupy” public space, you feel — what’s the word? — guilty. With their ragtag tents and cardboard cutouts, the protesters who set up camp there certainly do make a lamentable[Read More…]

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MEANEY AND HOYT: A Generation Marked by Fear

After the Lusitania, the Battle of the Somme, the first Wall Street crash and rampant unemployment, during vitriolic politics and national division, we had a New Deal. Our leaders told us to have no fear. Even after Hitler’s rise and after the Holocaust, all of which preceded Stalin’s rise and[Read More…]

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