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Hoya Transitions to New Staff

The Hoya’s new editorial and publishing staff began their terms Saturday, after selections April 5 and 6, and produced their first issue today. Former Campus News Editor Mallika Sen (SFS ’16) is now executive editor. “I’m intrigued to expand beyond the confines of news and work with other sections,” Sen[Read More…]

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FUNT: Advocacy Beyond the Armchair

FUNT: Advocacy Beyond the Armchair

  Some readers charge The Hoya and its writers with being aloof and elitist. That allegation is misguided, but I, for one, proudly wear the badge of idealism. Idealists, however, are not without flaws of their own. I served on this newspaper’s editorial board for a year and worked alongside[Read More…]

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Uber Is Safer Than You Make It Seem

To the Editor: On Friday, The Hoya published an ill-researched, surface-level editorial (“Uber’s Risky Business,” The Hoya, A2, April 4, 2014) implying Uber is unsafe and calling for more regulation on rideshare operators. What’s missing from this piece is important information about how Uber ensures safety as well as about[Read More…]

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Letter From the Editor

To our readers: The Hoya begins its new year on an unusual schedule. Just as its staffers are attending their last classes and studying for finals, they are also jumping into a new role at the paper — laying their first pages, editing their first stories and evaluating their first[Read More…]

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Hoya Selects New Staff

The Hoya’s spring editorial and publishing staff began their terms Nov. 23, after selections in mid-November. Friday’s issue is the first print issue with the new production staff. Former Executive Editor Emma Hinchliffe (COL ’15) was selected as the 140th editor-in-chief of The Hoya, replacing Danny Funt (COL ’14). “I’m[Read More…]

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Who We Are to Judge

In the minds of many newspaper readers, the ethical editor suspends personal belief when on the job, having been trained in techniques that strip subjectivity from news reporting. Like a judge in the courtroom, editors in the newsroom are expected to flip a switch and become robotic reviewers of fact.[Read More…]

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ReImagine Georgetown Discontinued

ReImagine Georgetown Discontinued

Five years after the founding of ReImagine Georgetown, GUASFCU, The Corp and The Hoya have agreed to discontinue the program. Created in 2007 as a way to fund student-run initiatives, RIG has encountered problems in following through on its grants. Last year, organizers cut funds to inactive projects for the[Read More…]

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Students to Walk for Homelessness

Nine campus organizations ranging from Alpha Phi Omega to Students of Georgetown, Inc. will sponsor the 2013 Georgetown Walk for the Homeless this Sunday in Red Square. All of the walk’s proceeds will benefit the Georgetown Ministry Center, which uses street outreach and community education to help guide homeless individuals[Read More…]

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Students Predict GU Future

Students Predict GU Future

Student leaders shared their visions for the future of the university at “Georgetown in Five Years: A Conversation with Student Leaders” on Tuesday. The event, sponsored by The Hoya, was moderated by Evan Hollander (SFS ’14), chair of The Hoya’s board of directors. The panelists acknowledged the work the administration[Read More…]

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Hoya Selects New Staff for Upcoming Semester

The Hoya’s summer and fall 2013 editorial and publishing staff began their terms this Saturday after selections throughout April. Former Campus News Editor Emma Hinchliffe (COL ’15) was selected to be executive editor. “I’m thrilled to step into this role and look forward to working with the editorial team next semester,”Hinchliffe said. Hunter[Read More…]

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