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Faculty Honored At Convocation

Georgetown honored 15 recently tenured or promoted faculty members at the Fall Faculty Con-vocation ceremony Wednesday afternoon in Gaston Hall. The faculty members are from multiple schools and departments within the university. “Through your work, your scholarship and your teaching, you have helped to enrich our tradition and deepen our[Read More…]

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Return to the Top

Return to the Top

With the release of Ben Affleck’s new movie, Argo, the much-maligned star has finally overtaken his friend and former writing partner Matt Damon with an Oscar-worthy creation all his own. For the past 15 years, there has been no cinematic duo quite like Affleck and Damon. Friends since childhood, the[Read More…]

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Acoustic Progression: Sophomore Musician Expands Range

Acoustic Progression: Sophomore Musician Expands Range

Peter Fanone (COL ’15) is a tried-and-true disciple of the musical and theatrical communities at Georgetown. He’s been honing his crafts since age four and getting better every step of the way, including perfecting his method acting firsthand at the Yale Theatrical Conservatory over the summer and shaping his musical[Read More…]

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The Hoya Elects New Staff

The fall semester editorial staff of The Hoya was elected this weekend and begins its term with today’s issue. Editor-in-Chief Connor Gregoire (COL ’13) will continue his yearlong term, which started in November, while his senior editorial staff has experienced a complete turnover. “I’m excited to get working with an entirely new[Read More…]

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RIG Funds Granted

ReImagine Georgetown awarded grants to three proposals Monday. The annual competition funds projects aiming to improve the undergraduate experience. Melissa Riggio (COL ’14) and Antony Lopez (COL ’14) were given $1,000 to implement “IlluminateLauinger.” Both students work in the Gelardin New Media Center and intend to use their grant to purchase art-friendly technology for the library.[Read More…]

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Refusing to Rest on Our Laurels

To our readers: It is with great excitement that The Hoya’s new staff and I present to you this first print issue of our term. As always, our main goal is to serve you and to do so to the fullest. Under the leadership of my predecessor, Eamon O’Connor (COL ’12), this[Read More…]

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Leavey Damages Lead to Arrests

Leavey Damages Lead to Arrests

As Hurricane Irene slammed campus early Sunday, three male students’ efforts to evade Department of Public Safety officers ended in $1,500 worth of damages to offices on the fourth floor of the Leavey Center and the university pressing criminal charges. On Sunday morning around 1:13 a.m., the suspects were checking out the university[Read More…]

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Walking the Tightrope: A Balancing Act

My four years on the Hilltop as an undergraduate student are coming to an end on Saturday. Georgetown has fundamentally changed me as a student and as a person. There have been ups and downs along the way, but overall, I am incredibly grateful for my experience as a Georgetown[Read More…]

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Searching for the Proper Role Of a Community Newspaper

The moment I finally understood why THE HOYA is truly important to Georgetown – the moment I first appreciated why I was spending countless hours on the job, why I was poring over my work and the work that I was responsible for – was a moment when THE HOYA’s[Read More…]

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