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BOARDWALK PICTURES | Chef Sean Brock makes up only one of the diverse voices featured in the latest season of the Netflix food documentary "Chef's Table."

‘Chef’s Table’ Season 6 Brings Together Diverse Culinary Voices

In the newest installment of Netflix’s food documentary, “Chef’s Table,” Director David Gelb showcases four dynamic chefs who celebrate the traditional food they grew up with while pushing the boundaries of what those dishes mean in the modern culinary world. With its vibrant and raw cinematography, mouthwatering close-ups and inspirational[Read More…]


Television Review: ‘Champions’

★★★★☆ Mindy Kaling’s new NBC show “Champions” packs heart, humor and pop culture references, but the sitcom falls into a pattern reminiscent of “The Mindy Project.” The show follows failed college baseball player Vince, played by Anders Holm, as he runs his deceased father’s gym in Brooklyn. In the pilot,[Read More…]

Television Review: ‘Black Mirror’

Television Review: ‘Black Mirror’

★★★★☆ How do you imagine the world in 2025? Will computer chips replace our feeble human minds? Might our social media profiles become our only profiles? Could digital terrorism reach new excruciating extremes? These are some of the terrifying questions raised by the award-winning British television drama “Black Mirror,” now[Read More…]

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Television Review: ‘Transparent’

Television Review: ‘Transparent’

★★★★★ When a typical student thinks of the website Amazon, he or she likely thinks of it as a center of online shopping to buy textbooks or something he or she needs for his or her room. However, Amazon appears ready to change that view of itself with its foray[Read More…]

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New comedy sitcom “Mulaney” seemed to be poised for success but ended up disappointing with poor timing and forced humor.

Television Review: ‘Mulaney’

★★☆☆☆ Even though at first glance “Mulaney” seems to be a new comedy with a lot of potential, it falls flat. “Mulaney” is not like other sitcoms stylistically  and while the attempt at a new sitcom scripting style is admirable, it unfortunately cripples the overall result. The show, created by[Read More…]


Jay Z and Beyonce prove that they are still music royalty with their tour 'On The Run' which has been filmed by HBO.

Television Review: ‘On The Run’

★★★★☆ When you think of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, what images pop into your head? Is it Brooklyn and Houston and mind-boggling personal and professional success? Or is it a gang king and a princess taking names at any cost, careening out of control until they reach their bitter end? Chances[Read More…]

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Orange Is the New Black’ Breaks the Mold

Orange Is the New Black’ Breaks the Mold

If Netflix is best at anything, it’s doing what you least expect. First, it released “House of Cards,” a political thriller so addicting that it garnered a troupe of fans without ever airing on cable. But then, when “Arrested Development”devotees blue themselves in anticipation over the fourth season, most were[Read More…]

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The Beauty of the Red Wedding

It always takes me a little while to process things, so in the immediate aftermath of Sunday’s “Game of Thrones,” unlike most people I know, I did not immediately take to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to announce strong feelings about the events that transpired. If you don’t know what I’m talking about,[Read More…]

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Hit Show’s Return Falls Short of Expectations

Hit Show’s Return Falls Short of Expectations

3/5 Stars Just as the second season of the hit series “Girls” premiered on HBO, it snagged two Golden Globes: one for Best Television Series — Comedy or Musical and the other awarded to writer/producer/director/actor Lena Dunham for Best Performance by Actress in a Television Series — Comedy or Musical.[Read More…]

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‘Political’ Family One of TV’s Best

‘Political’ Family One of TV’s Best

“Political Animals” has managed to do something that very few television shows are capable of accomplishing. Through its well-written screenplays, viewers venture deep into the private thoughts and lives of the Hammonds — a highly political family with a lot of drama — making each new episode more interesting than the last.[Read More…]

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