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Drones Infiltrate Daily Life

In the past, military research and development have resulted in immeasurable impacts on consumer technology. From the Internet to GPS, technologies that have radically changed human society have stemmed from developments that began in the research labs of the armed forces and federally funded organizations like NASA. Known as spinoff[Read More…]

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Getting Fully Charged

In the United States, we aren’t very good with energy conservation. Our first instinct when we feel cold is to crank up the heat, and we complain about anything short of climate perfection. We leave the lights on and keep appliances plugged in when not in use. There’s a good[Read More…]

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Facebook Knows What’s Up

In the last decade there has been a movement away from communicating via SMS, which we call texting. Although unlimited texting plans are universal in the United States, in other countries, rates for texting are very high and it is an unpopular system. Enter WhatsApp, the international texting app with[Read More…]

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Mind Control: Making Science Fiction a Reality

Consumer technology has seen incredible improvement and innovation in recent decades. From room-sized computers capable of only simple tasks to a smartphone in every pocket, the true scope of technological progress can be difficult to comprehend fully. Throughout its entire history, however, technology has been characterized by a firm separation[Read More…]

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Apple Recaptures a Slice of the Pie

Earlier this month, Apple announced the long-awaited iPhone 5S. For the first time in the company’s history, they also released a second phone at the same time: the 5C. Designed to compete witharchrival Samsung in emerging markets like India and China, the 5C opts for a plastic shell over the pricier aluminum, a variety of[Read More…]

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