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Escape the Summer Heat With These 4 Drink Spots

For the fierce coffee fiend: Tryst Coffeehouse Find seasonal blends crafted to perfection and enjoy an intense cup of joe in the cozy atmosphere of Tryst. Do not be fooled by the homey interior; Tryst is an edgy, back-to-basics cafe without the Starbucks-style sugary creations that cover up the coffee’s[Read More…]

ON TAP: The Drink Guide

ON TAP: The Drink Guide

Washington, D.C., is often portrayed as a city driven by its political agenda and business networks, leaving to the side recognition of the innovative creativity in its music, food and art. However, throughout our explorations within the city, we have seen that foodies have affirmed their craft within Washington, particularly[Read More…]

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What’s Your Caffeinated Code?

What does your coffee order say about you? Large Coffee You frequently stay up past midnight, huddled over your laptop reading blurry PDFs and trying to understand just what you’re supposed to be getting out of them. You need this coffee, or you’ll become openly belligerent toward most of the[Read More…]

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New Spot for a Spot of Tea

Just a stone’s throw from the intersection of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, Chinese teashop Ching Ching Cha lies lost and nestled between the busy storefronts of preppy Rugby and melodramatic Italian staple Filomena. That’s part of the appeal. Step inside and you instantly feel far away. Ching ChingCha is part shop, part tea house, so lining[Read More…]

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Having Studying Down to a Tea

I admit I’m quite the Lau-star. As much as our beloved library holds a soft spot in my heart, it is a black hole. Day in and day out, I leave Lau more drained of life (whether it be from endless hours of studying or procrastination) than I was when I[Read More…]

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