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CARLO RATTI ASSOCIATION Italian Architect Carlo Ratti said at  an event that urban spaces will adapt to the ways technology changes human behavior.

Technology Reshapes Urban Spaces, Architect Says

Technology that reduces energy consumption and informs consumers about sustainable products should be used to make improvements to urban infrastructure, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor of urban planning Carlo Ratti said at an event Nov. 30. Cities cover 2 percent of Earth’s surface but contain over 50 percent of the[Read More…]

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Credit Card Terminals in DC Taxis Delayed

The District of Columbia Taxicab Commission delayed Jan. 24 the adoption of rules that would require all taxicabs to accept non-cash payments by March 30. According to Public Information Officer Neville Waters (G ’91), the commission did not have quorum at today’s meeting and was therefore unable to pass the[Read More…]

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Contract Dispute Delays Taxi Meter Upgrade

Contract Dispute Delays Taxi Meter Upgrade

The installation of credit card meters with GPS tracking devices in all District taxis, a centerpiece of Mayor Vincent Gray’s 2010 election campaign, has been postponed indefinitely following a contract dispute levied by bidders that failed to win the Taxicab Smart Meter System contract. The $35 million contract, which was[Read More…]

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DC Will Consider Taxi Rate Increases

A proposed $0.66-per-mile fare increase for D.C. taxicabs could take effect within the next month. The proposal was first submitted in December. It was amended earlier this month and is now being considered by the D.C. Taxicab Commission. After revisions, the plan includes an increased per-mile rate of $2.16 from $1.50, an increased[Read More…]

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Taxi Fares in DC May Jump

Taxi fares in the District could rise by as much as 83 percent if a rate increase proposal is approved by the D.C. Taxicab Commission later this month. The commission held a hearing Tuesday to debate the proposal, which was submitted by independent taxi operator Nicholas Maxwell. The plan would[Read More…]

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Gray Proposes Removal of Taxi Fare Cap

Traveling around the District may soon become more expensive, after Mayor Vincent Gray proposed the repeal of the $19 price ceiling on D.C. taxi rides last month. Taxicab Commission Chairman Leon Swain announced plans to repeal the price cap at a Feb. 22 D.C. Council meeting, according to The Washington[Read More…]

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