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Yiwen Hu/The Hoya

One of the spreads served at Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant.

A Taste of Ethiopia

For me, the quest of restaurant exploration has become a journey of discovery — one of exotic cuisine types, unique usage of herbs, and previously unknown flavors. Being a foodie is a blessing, for it has cultivated in me a curiosity that emboldens me to step outside my comfort zone[Read More…]

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Chocolate Eclair at Filomena

A Taste of Sweet Decadence

I have long prided myself on being immune to the temptation of desserts. In fact, when I have reiterated to my friends that I do not have a sweet tooth, I have always been filled with a strange sense of accomplishment when they stared at me, eyes wide open, and[Read More…]

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Cumin lamb at Shanghai Lounge

A Taste of Asia

I rarely dine at an Asian restaurant when I’m in the States for the simple reason that, however authentic the place claims to be, it is no comparison to a restaurant in Asia. Nonetheless, I have still tried a handful of Asian places, and found that I was pleasantly surprised,[Read More…]

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Greek yoghurt and apricots at Zaytingya.

A Taste of the Mediterranean Coast

When I was still in Shanghai, I tried Turkish cuisine and discovered it was not to my liking. Granted, the desserts were mind-blowing, even for someone indifferent to sugar, like me, but the entrees had too strong a flavor for my liking and left me with a negative first impression of[Read More…]


A Taste of the Gift from Brittany

Brittany, located in the northwest region of France, has witnessed the birth of a medley of exquisite French cuisines, including the renowned Brittany cookies, and my personal favorite: crepes. Many characterize the crepe as a distant relative of the pancake, and not without good reason. The two do share almost[Read More…]


The signature Frutti di Mare dish at Fiola Mare.

A Taste of the Ocean

I have been long aware that when it comes to food, my favorites are only temporary. For example, despite my mom’s effort to convert me into a completely omnivorous foodie, I am still reluctant to eat some foods, especially eggplant. Although eggplant remains on my “no” list, since my time in[Read More…]

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