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BET FILMS | Ali Davis, played by Taraji P. Henson, embodies values of a hardworking, empowering and independent woman. After a shaman gives her a strong concotion to drink, Ali  obtains the ability to hear men’s thoughts, revealing their darkest secrets and true desires. “What Men Want” surpasses its predecessor by addressing gender and race.

‘What Men Want’ Highlights Humor, Diversity

“What Men Want,” the 2019 adaption of the early 2000s Mel Gibson film “What Women Want,” is a sharper, funnier, more inclusive take on the original concept. Directed by Hollywood veteran Adam Shankman, with a cast led by Taraji P. Henson, the film does the work its predecessor could not.[Read More…]

BET-FILMS | “What Men Want,” directed by Adam Shankman and starring Taraji P. Henson, above, details what happens when a woman suddenly gains the power to hear exactly what the men around her are thinking, with unexpected results. Henson and Shankman collaborated extensively to figure out what cast would be best for the reimagined film.

Henson, Shankman Discuss New Film, Diversity

“What Men Want” is refreshing and honest; it delves into issues that the film industry and the world have been constantly grappling with. A reimagining of the nearly 20-year-old Mel Gibson film “What Women Want,” the remake uses the premise of accidentally gaining the ability to read the opposite gender’s[Read More…]

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