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TESTING TRUISMS: The Value of Hard Work 

TESTING TRUISMS: The Value of Hard Work 

The tension in the room is palpable as your professor passes back the exams. It was a notoriously difficult midterm, and you pored over your notes for days in hopes of getting an A. “I didn’t study,” the girl next to you confesses. “I’m just hoping for a C.” When[Read More…]

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Tap Student Talent

Work-study is an essential part of many Georgetown students’ experiences. Students can work at a variety of offices on campus, like the Office of Residential Life or the Office of Facilities, but university clubs and departments should expand their job offerings to students on financial aid. If certain organizations, like[Read More…]

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NBA Teams Rely On Stars

This year, the NBA season figures to be a great example of the old cliche of the “haves and have-nots.” Surprisingly, the teams in these two extreme tiers of the league are far more similar to each other than what is obvious at first glance. The Miami Heat, San Antonio[Read More…]

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