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Greener Campus Needed

Pope Francis addressed a crowd of nearly 15,000 people in a White House speech on sustainability Wednesday. The speech was a call to action to combat climate change and protect the planet. As a Jesuit university that prioritizes compassion and ethical leadership, Georgetown has a particular responsibility to heed this[Read More…]

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Sustainability, Expanded

Sustainability, Expanded

With Pope Francis due to address a joint session of Congress Sept. 24 on the worldwide impact of climate change, it is vital that the Georgetown community look introspectively to further the promotion of environmental justice on campus. Plastic, nonbiodegradable utensils are still excessively used in on-campus food locations like[Read More…]

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Sustainability Forum Solicits Student Input

The Georgetown Office of Sustainability, Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation and Georgetown University Student Association held a daylong Sustainability Visioning Workshop Friday to discuss university-wide sustainability goals. With approximately 20 students and multiple administrators in attendance, the workshop solicited student input about the university’s environmental efforts. Students were[Read More…]

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Sustainable Oceans Alliance To Host Inaugural Summit

The Georgetown University Sustainable Oceans Alliance will host its first summit, entitled “#ChangingTheTide,” this Saturday in Lohrfink Auditorium with the aim of educating students about the dire state of global ocean health. The event, which is co-sponsored by the Global Social Enterprise Initiative and the Lecture Fund, will feature a[Read More…]

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To Save the Earth, Save the Oceans

Few people are immune to the mesmerizing spell of the ocean. Its rhythmic ebbs and flows draw you in, and keep you enthralled with otherworldly landscapes. Coral reefs dot the seafloor like brushstrokes in impressionist paintings with millions of free-floating microorganisms building shells and limestone skeletons. The delicate ecological balance[Read More…]

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Making the Most of Move-Out

As students rush to leave campus at the end of the academic year, they are followed, at least in part, by a small but determined cohort of the District’s underprivileged, who take to dumpster diving to salvage what is left behind. This reality is a vivid and unfortunate depiction of[Read More…]

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To Save, DC Water Plant Embraces Waste

In order to conserve energy and cleanly generate power, D.C. Water plans to get dirty this summer by embracing sewage. The water utility’s plant proposal involves converting all waste from the surrounding Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia area into Class A biosolids and energy. The company hopes to use the[Read More…]

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Campus Sustainability Stifled by Red Tape

Though Georgetown may outperform its D.C. peer universities in academics, it lags far behind in campus sustainability initiatives. Looking at the progress that American University and The George Washington University have made recently, I can only hope Georgetown will match their dedication to sustainability. Given the various environmental student groups[Read More…]

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Corp Sees Uptick in Reusable Mugs With ‘Kill the Cup’

In the two weeks since The Corp launched its “Kill the Cup” campaign, the number of students bringing reusable mugs to Corp storefronts has increased by 61 percent. The campaign, launched Oct. 15, uses a social media campaign and in-store promotions to incentivize the usage of reusable tumblers, including a[Read More…]

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Strides in Sustainability

This week, Mayor Vincent Gray proposed a District-wide ban on environmentally harmful Styrofoam. While Georgetown is commendably already a foam-free campus, the noise generated by this proposal brings focus to exciting new sustainability initiatives on campus. Specifically, Students of Georgetown Inc.’s “Kill the Cup” campaign presents the first major campus[Read More…]

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