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VIEWPOINT: A Support System for Survivors

VIEWPOINT: A Support System for Survivors

“We believe you.” These words, coming from U.S. senators, members of the Georgetown University community and health care professionals, feel more important now than ever before as the country and our own community navigate a climate of constant exposure to news, conversations and debates about the effects of sexual violence.[Read More…]

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COOKE: The Accidental Feminist’s Guide to Chipped Nail Polish

COOKE: The Accidental Feminist’s Guide to Chipped Nail Polish

There is no such thing as the perfect manicure. The best salon job, with a gel finish, thrice-baked under ultraviolet lights, will eventually chip or peel. Even acrylic nails do not last; your natural nails begin to grow out from the cuticle, and there is inevitably a point at which[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Support Our UndocuHoyas

Students have circulated a petition through social media calling for the university to hire a full-time coordinator for students living in the country without documentation. The petition was launched Nov. 1 by the student group UndocuHoyas in partnership with Hoyas for Immigrant Rights, another student-led organization, and has amassed more[Read More…]

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Making Your Story Known and Finding Help in the Process

I’ve had depression since I was 12. I used to be afraid of people finding out, so I kept track of who knew and tried to keep it quiet. I remember feeling angry when my parents told my extended family that I was experiencing severe suicidal thoughts. I was angry[Read More…]

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Danny Smith\The Hoya

After Our Trials, Success Emerges

Once I entered senior year, I felt as though I was dubbed with a flashing neon sign constantly poised directly over my head reading, “Ask me any question and receive the wisest, most well-planned response.” Amid the classic questions regarding my post-graduation plans, my new location and how I will[Read More…]

Promote Awareness, One Story at a Time

Promote Awareness, One Story at a Time

In my freshman year, I had no real understanding of mental health. Mental health issues were still a distant concept to me then, and to be honest, as much as I hate to admit it, I thought I was stronger than the people who struggled with them. Psychologists estimate that[Read More…]

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Support for All Students

Georgetown’s recent increase in financial aid represents a commitment to low-income students that goes beyond money and seeps into most aspects of Georgetown’s admissions office. From recruitment tactics to four-year support on campus, under-resourced Georgetown students receive support, unlike students at most universities nationally.  According to U.S. News and World[Read More…]

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Collaborate to Combat Mental Health Stigma

My bedroom doorknob will always hold a special place in my heart. After all, with just the right touch — wrist angled, palm pressed upward, skin digging into the incision of the lock — I could save the lives of my family. And so, with a sort of ritualistic fervor,[Read More…]

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When Friends Fill in the Mental Health Gap

The guy who’s the life of the party at the Tombs. A friend who seems a little down lately. That woman at the coffee shop who is keeping to herself. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate based on race, age, gender or sexual orientation. It affects all of our lives in one[Read More…]

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Why Am I Wearing a Suit?

I write this as I sit in “Mammalian Physiology,” wondering why I find myself preparing for a consulting interview. Our professor just showed us a new biotech development, one that connects a mechanical arm to the somatosensory cortex — a beautiful medical development that elicited starry-eyed astonishment from everyone in[Read More…]

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