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A Super Bowl ‘What If?’

Put simply, momentum is vastly overrated in professional sports. Usually, it’s just employed as a narrative that allows fans and analysts to depict one moment as the turning-point of an entire game when generally other factors are responsible. But on Super Bowl Sunday in New Orleans, after the Superdome’s lights shut off[Read More…]

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Let’s Give Them Something to Bark About

Let’s Give Them Something to Bark About

At the guide, our staff is known for having strong opinions about pretty much everything. We’re taking stands on the pop culture issues that really matter, from tween stars to the movies that make us smile, from catchy pop songs to the stories that are dominating the Internet. Since none of[Read More…]

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Bookmarking Memories

Apparently, smell is the sense that is tied closest to memory. While that is true, the direct link between scent and the meaningful moments stashed in the recesses of our minds is only one connection related to the recollection of stops along life’s journey. In that sense, for me —[Read More…]

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NY Leaves Enduring Impression In Its Wake

Even after his team’s loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game, New York Jets’ owner Woody Johnson has good reason to be proud of Gang Green. Not only did the Jets completely shatter expectations for this season – few would have predicted a playoff berth, let alone[Read More…]

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