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Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale

Through Fiction, Easier Adjustment to Life at Home

For most college students, summer is a time for the big things, a time for risk taking and pushing yourself: traveling internationally, finally landing that coveted financial internship, teaching abroad, graduating. For me, summer meant coming home. I haven’t spent a summer at home in more than three years, so[Read More…]

The Strange Difficulties of Finally Going Home

Picnics on the lawn, people in sunglasses and shorts — it looks like, at last, summer is upon us. Summer is inseparably associated with long breaks as well as a series of questions like: What are you doing? What is your plan? Where will you be? As we entered the[Read More…]

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Album Review: ‘Pop Psychology’

★★★★☆ This Utah-based band, first made famous as an opening act for The Killers, is known primarily for upbeat songs such as “Animal,” “Everybody Talks” and “Lessons in Love.” Neon Trees continues with its trend of upbeat, alternative rock music in its newest album “Pop Psychology.” Only ten tracks and[Read More…]

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Students are in the midst of navigating the recruiting process to score competitive jobs and internships in the financial world.

Students Vie for Internships

It can be hard to imagine working 80-hour weeks during summer vacation while friends are traveling abroad or relaxing, but Georgetown students interested in the sometimes cutthroat world of finance and consulting welcome the opportunity to land lucrative paychecks and potentially a job offer. To attain these coveted positions, students[Read More…]

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Remembering Our High School Roots

I was sitting in Regents Hall this summer leafing through an LSAT book when I heard people coming down the hallway. Loud and festooned with lanyards, the group was comprised of high school students looking for Blommer Science Library. Just like this particular guy, the high school students that flood Georgetown during the summer are[Read More…]

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No Break for Transparency

No Break for Transparency

The end of summer: shorter days, pre-orientation programs and an opening to sweep unpopular news under the rug. Over the past several summer vacations, a concerning pattern has emerged of the administration announcing contentious policy changes when the majority of students are away from campus. That tactic suggests a lack[Read More…]

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Old Vacations in a New Land

One of the benefits of spending a summer in Southeast Asia is that there is a plethora of places close by to explore. While it would take four hours to travel from Georgetown to New York by car, trips to destinations such as Singapore and Malaysia are, at the most,[Read More…]

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A Summer for Growth

A Summer for Growth

Although Prospect Street may seem a little quieter on Saturday nights, Georgetown over the summer is anything but empty. From basketball to bioethics, the range of events and opportunities shows that when the students go home, the university keeps going strong. Summer Basketball League Showcases New Talent Although the Georgetown men’s[Read More…]

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New Exhibits Shine Across the District

New Exhibits Shine Across the District

One of the great, but often untapped, resources of the Washington, D.C. area is the concentration of art museums that are close by and easily accessible to students. There are plenty of continuing exhibitions that you should be sure to check out, especially at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Gallery and the Freer and Sackler Galleries,[Read More…]

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A Summer of Tunes

A Summer of Tunes

My favorite thing about the summer isn’t that I’m done with classes or that it’s hot outside. In fact, I really don’t like either of those things. (Although the lack of classes does mean less work, which is always nice.) Instead of relaxing by the pool, I like to ride[Read More…]

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