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Following My Heart (Strings) To Ecuador

This summer, I turned down a D.C. summer internship and spent three months recording an album in my hometown of Quito, Ecuador. I took two months to compose my songs, one week to practice them, one week to record them and two weeks to perform them live. The first copies[Read More…]

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Step Four: Pleasurable Pastimes

Step Four: Pleasurable Pastimes

Do you find yourself constantly bored? Are you tired of spending your time watching movies or sub-par TV shows? Well, get yourself a hobby! In all seriousness, for the average student, summer can be challenging due to the amount of free time he or she has. During the school year[Read More…]

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Share Your Summer

Explored the world? Your backyard? Met someone interesting? Reunited with old friends? Interned on Wall Street? Couldn’t keep away from M Street? Share Your Summer. The Hoya’s 2015 summer photography contest runs from July 1 to Sept. 2. Students may each submit up to two photos per week to [email protected] Submissions will be[Read More…]

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Mommy-ing 101

Mommy-ing 101

Well, it’s not an internship on the Hill, but at least it pays. During the spring of freshman year, I felt the atmosphere rise in pressure. Left and right, I was peppered with questions: What are your plans for the summer? Have you given any thought to an internship? Big[Read More…]

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Step One: Reflection

Step One: Reflection

Whether you are burned out, running on an adrenaline rush from your great grades or feeling stressed and pressured about your summer internship, you should take some time to recover from the year. Amid homework, projects and social events during the school year, there is little time to break and[Read More…]

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Navigating the HB1 Visa Cap

Navigating the HB1 Visa Cap

‘I know this is a bit far away, but …” My heart sank as I saw the all-too-familiar question coming, “What’s your plan after graduation, going back to China or staying in America?” To leave or to stay, this classical question for newcomers never fails to engender my American peers’[Read More…]

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Rio de Janeiro by night.

Reflecting on a Summer in Rio

I’ll admit that when I first got my housing assignment for this summer, I was a little wary. The sheet of paper said that I was to be living with a 76-year-old woman named Josenir. I didn’t have a roommate and the only other information on the sheet was that[Read More…]

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Despite what movies like "Adventureland" promise, not all dull jobs turn into something exciting.

The Downside of Summer

We all dream of summer vacation. And in part, our ideas of what those long, free days will hold are shaped by the countless movies we’ve seen about the adventures that can happen in this wonderfully unpredictable time. From movies like “Adventureland” that promise us that even a dull holiday[Read More…]

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The Perks of Going Home

As the summer began and I finally left Georgetown, I encountered a strange dread to return to what should be the most familiar place on Earth — home. After spending a long period of time so far away, the most familiar could also be the strangest, as my boarding school[Read More…]

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Struggling to Take a Break

As we sat in our cubicles in Lau during finals, flipping through the readings we never read over the semester, we may have regretted the time wasted scrolling down Facebook and wished we had been more productive. We may have wished we had gone to every lecture, met with our[Read More…]