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The author, pictured with her thaati and paati | COURTESY PRIYANKA DINAKAR

Finding Family and Forgoing Farewells

“Wow, that’s so intense for a spring break trip!” “Won’t you get jet-lagged?” “What’s the time difference?” These are just some of the reactions I heard upon telling people that I was planning on going to India for spring break, as if I was about to go on a vacation[Read More…]

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Scenes and Lessons in an Italian Bar

In the middle of Fiesole, there is a little bar that promises “the best Guinness in Italy” and takes claim to the time-honored tradition of the poorly lit Irish pub. The Guinness was okay; the rest of the beers were better. I did not speak a lick of Italian, the[Read More…]

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The Persistence of Memory at Auschwitz

I spent my spring break with 32 other students from Georgetown and Seton Hill University on a Holocaust Forensics trip to Poland and Belarus. My experiences on this trip have changed me and will have a permanent place in my consciousness. What I saw gave me hope for our future,[Read More…]

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The Travel Issue

The Travel Issue

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Benjamin Disraeli once opined: “Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember and remember more than I have seen.” Whether or not you agree with Disraeli as a political figure, as a traveller, he hits the nail on the head.[Read More…]

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Study Abroad Sees Steady Increase in Participation

The number of students studying abroad has increased from 561 in the 2012-13 year to 684 students in the 2015-16 year, marking a 21.9 percent increase and the highest overall enrollment in the past three years. Georgetown currently offers study abroad options in 40 countries ranging from Botswana and Cameroon[Read More…]

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Column: Settling in Seoul

When I first arrived in Korea, it did not really feel all that different. While in the months prior I had been overcome by nerves and anxiety, the night before I left, I was strangely calm. Even after I arrived at Incheon International Airport after more than 19 hours of[Read More…]

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Noah Taylor

Fighting for an Accessible World

In the fourth grade, we learned how to line dance. The boys and girls faced each other at the center of the gym, reaching out to each other with sweaty hands, skipping and twirling down the line. It was in this line that I first understood how truly different I[Read More…]

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HARVEY: Millenials Here and Abroad

HARVEY: Millenials Here and Abroad

Along with the advent of the spring season and the panic-inducing pre-registration period, this past week has also brought the arrival of my good friend and Villa Le Balze roommate Claudia to campus. While we were at the Villa, Claudia decided to remain abroad for the entire year, enrolling last-minute[Read More…]

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HARVEY: Going Away Or Getting Away?

As classes resume after the spring and Easter breaks, campus has been flooded by tanned, refreshed students. It is almost certain that, while walking across campus, you will overhear a conversation between these individuals that sounds something like this: “Hey! How was [insert tropical-location-where-the-drinking-age-is-18 here].” I myself am one of[Read More…]

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HARVEY: A View of Europe at a Crossroads

During my last semester spent at the Villa Le Balze in Florence, I was fairly sheltered from the crises that have plagued Europe, notably the ongoing refugee crisis that European political leaders have continued to face. In the United States, Donald Trump makes the issue of xenophobia relatable for the[Read More…]

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