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Georgetown ranked in the top 20 colleges by the U.S. News and World Report, but fell in veteran rankings.

Ranking Reports Mixed Outcomes

While Sept. 13 saw Georgetown reclaim a spot as the No. 20 top college in the U.S. News and World Report’s 2017 national universities rankings, it was absent from the institution’s list of best colleges for veterans — which saw Georgetown in first place just two years ago and 16th[Read More…]

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With Tillman Partnership, GU Enables Veterans

This year Georgetown has joined the ranks of 14 other American universities after officially partnering with the Pat Tillman Foundation in order to offer select student veterans a scholarship as part of the Tillman Military Scholarship Program. “The goal [of the program] is to help our current generation of military[Read More…]

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Servicemen Adapt at Bakery

Servicemen Adapt at Bakery

The Dog Tag Bakery, an upcoming addition to the Georgetown dessert scene, will do more than serve cookies — it strives to integrate young veterans back into the workforce through a partnership with the School of Continuing Studies. The bakery, located at 3206 Grace St. and set to open in[Read More…]

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Shift to GU a New Battle for Veterans

Shift to GU a New Battle for Veterans

Most Georgetown undergraduates turn 21 amid a throng of friends at The Tombs and receive a smeared, black stamp on their foreheads to inaugurate their first night of legal drinking. Alex Horton (COL ’13) got a different kind of mark. “I got a pink belly for it,” Horton said. “It’s[Read More…]

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Generation 9/11

Generation 9/11

The 9/11 attacks have become a part of our generation in ways that extend far beyond the days after the attacks. Reaching past the limits of New York and Washington, the atrocities on that day — coupled with the ongoing “War on Terror” that was initiated in their wake —[Read More…]

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School of Continuing Studies Adds Full-Time Veterans’ Post

The School of Continuing Studies has instituted a new senior level position to coordinate veterans’ affairs and recruitment efforts. The step follows a decision last month to fund a part-time position to work with student veterans on the main campus, after a year-long push by students and community members. “SCS[Read More…]

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