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An Appeal for A More Practical GUSA

The Georgetown student body is consistently ranked as one of the most politically active in the country. Government internships are ubiquitous and politics is generally fair game for discussion, yet every season the Georgetown University Student Association becomes the most derided spectacle on campus. With approximately one -third of students[Read More…]

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Students Seek Greater Role In DC Redistricting

With the last of the 2010 Census data in, D.C. is set to redraw its districts beginning next month. This year, the process has become even more contentious than usual because of a push to ensure that D.C.’s 100,000 graduate and undergraduate students are fairly represented. Justin Wagner (COL ’03)[Read More…]

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What to Expect With a SAC of Problems

In 1999, the Georgetown Report on Student Life bemoaned the unwieldy process that students had to submit themselves to in order to gain approval for student activities from the administration. The authors of the report wrote: “We fear that bureaucratic obstacles do nothing to encourage on-campus innovation but do everything[Read More…]

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Readership Program Flounders Again

The Collegiate Readership Program, which provided free daily newspapers to students, has been suspended for the second semester in two years due to a declining readership and a lack of funding from campus organizations. Despite vocal student support, the program’s sponsors did not gather sufficient resources to finance the service[Read More…]

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