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EDITORIAL: Expunge Pervasive Mold

Mold has invaded hundreds of dorms already this year, posing serious health risks to students. After years of half-measures and incomplete solutions, Georgetown University must treat this problem as the severe hazard it is. This semester, Georgetown students have seen their health worsened by mold in their dormitories, and the[Read More…]

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PARKER: More Screenings for Students

PARKER: More Screenings for Students

In April 2017, Georgetown University implemented a free and confidential screening for sexually transmitted infections. The screening, now offered once per semester, has had encouraging results. Over 70 people attended the April screening, and over 250 attended the one offered this November. This growth mostly is most likely the result[Read More…]

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Despite common student perceptions, there have been significant improvements in campus health and wellness. Collaborations between the Georgetown University Student Association, Health Education Services and the Student Health Center, among others, have led to increased awareness and engagement.

Campus Health: Where Are We Now?

When reflecting on student wellness on campus, it is easy to sensationalize and laser focus on extreme examples of poor health. With their risky behavior and lack of self-care, college students have a reputation for failing to live their best lives. However, with increased attention from health care institutions and[Read More…]


Health and Wellness Issue

Health and well-being are concepts integral to one’s college and life experiences. Yet on such a bustling campus, students rarely ever pause to examine their state of mind and body. From personal narratives of conquered eating disorders to health advice from Yates, Leo’s and CAPS employees, this issue explores sides[Read More…]

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Urgent Need for Urgent Care

For students, shrugging off sickness is a time-honored tradition, however foolish. Be it busy schedules, confidence in our immune systems or just downright laziness, many of us have not sought medical attention on occasion even though it was most likely the best course of action for our overall health. That[Read More…]

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Informed Amid Uncertainty

Last week’s tragic passing of Andrea Jaime (NHS ’17) from bacterial meningitis garnered the campus community’s attention and reflection. At a time when students and faculty may have been unsure of how to proceed, the information that Student Health Services disseminated in a timely fashion brought comfort to students in[Read More…]

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Janet Zhu

CARNES: The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Hoyas

  Now that the add/drop period has come to a close, we enter a different phase of the semester. The slow, “Georgetown 3-4-5” start is reaching its finale (we had three days of class the first week, four days this week and will have five full days next week). Ready[Read More…]

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Mold Outbreak Plagues Dormitories

There have been 21 cases of mold in dormitories and apartments this semester reported to the Office of Facilities, which in some instances resulted in student illness. Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management Robin Morey said the vast majority of incidents reported have been minor, meaning students are expected[Read More…]

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Boston College Halts Condom Distribution

Boston College’s crackdown on campus condom distribution has renewed questions among Catholic schools regarding contraception policy. Administrators at Boston College, a Jesuit institution, threatened last month to discipline the student group Boston College Students for Sexual Health, which organizes condom distribution to students. Traditionally, BCSSH had limited condom distribution to off-campus locations[Read More…]

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BeWell Campaign Seeks to Redefine Alcohol Norms

Georgetown’s first-ever Social Norms Campaign, which aims to promote responsible drinking on campus, will begin this Monday. Health Education Services is launching the campaign as part of its annual BeWell Week, which now lasts 14 days. Similar to last year’s event, which was held the week of Sept. 26, BeWell[Read More…]

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